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Banking and Financial Services

Drive Digital Transformation in Banking & Financial Services

Eliminate cumbersome manual processes, enable automated decision making and transform banks and financial institutions with the adoption of Intelligent Automation solutions and Digital technologies across the organization.

Challenges for Banking
and Financial Institutions

Banking and Finance institutions have to comply with changing compliance rules, and they are exposed to the volatile financial environment, also bearing the brunt of the ever-growing constant scrutiny by the public, law agencies of the land, and statutory and regulatory bodies. What makes it even more cumbersome is when some banks fail to modernize, relying on inefficient archaic technologies and legacy systems that needs to be replaced. All these effectively leads to loss of effort, money, brand value and the inability to gain key insights from the system to manage and function properly.

Emerging Technologies

Over the last decade, with the advent of the data revolution and the emerging technologies like advanced analytics, Intelligent Automation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), among others, have gained significant ground in the banking and finance sector. These technologies offer tremendous potential for banking and financial organizations to grow and stay relevant. Many banks have already started embracing them, strengthening their capabilities, transforming processes and gaining actionable insights for enabling faster and more accurate decision making.

What We Do

10xDS have been helping Banks and Financial institutions across the globe, on their digital transformation journey, leveraging our wide and deep sectoral experience and expertise. With Banking, we are way above others, and this is achieved through a committed focus in this sector, helping organizations reduce manual workloads, improving turn-around time for repetitive data management tasks and lowering operational costs while transforming processes. Through our experience, we have realized the real challenges and pain points the industry faces. With a holistic understanding the needs of the industry, we are able to leverage our state-of-the-art COEs for emerging technologies like Intelligent AutomationAIAnalyticsCyber Security, AI Computer Vision, Chatbots, Blockchain and others. Today we are serving several clients worldwide, streamlining areas like the back-office operations, payments, sales or regulatory compliance and more.

Intelligent Automation Solutions

Intelligent Automation


10xds provides efficient automation solutions for multiple types of reconciliations with our smart process design approach. Cognitive automation widens the RPA scope by automating unstructured data like fee texts, emails and others.


10xds intelligent automations for KYC and AML helps organizations to streamline back office operations and reduce the overhead expenses.

Trade finance

Our automation solutions enable organizations to quickly identify potential areas within Trade Finance and drive operational efficiency and cost savings. The processes are analyzed and optimized by our expert team to reduce bottle necks and enable faster processing time.

Compliance and reporting

Our intelligent solution framework ensures efficiency of your compliance and reporting processes facilitating better quality tax data, smoother year-end closing, easier audits and more.

Customer Service

Our RPA solutions boosts operational speed without inconveniencing the customer. These solutions ensure faster deployment time and enhanced ability to handle large volumes of new incoming requests. RPA combined with ML and chatbot technology offers a robust platform for handling customer requests and queries.

Fraud detection

Our advanced software Bots empowered by Al algorithms can efficiently monitor the transactions and proactively identify the fraudulent activities.

Data and Analytics Solutions


Sentiment Analysis

At 10xDS we help organizations to learn and understand their customer sentiments through advanced analytics based on their actions in various online channels. Our sentiment analysis solutions provide useful insights, helping them to gauge customer sentiment and preferences for personalized marketing and promotions strategies.

Lifetime value prediction

Our analytics solutions help organizations to identify customers that can bring significant future business and nurture them. Customer Life Time (CLV) value can be predicted using predictive analytics from the data extracted from various sources, enabling effective resource allocation planning and customer retention strategies.

Preventive Compliance

Our preventive compliance analytics can effectively help organizations to proactively monitor and assess financial risks, foresee likely avenues of disruption and help prevent potential loss of customers and reputational damage. 10XDS offers advanced analytics to help drill down through the data and focus even on the minute details.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent virtual assistants

Intelligent virtual assistants drastically reduce the response time and resolve customer queries in real time. Powered with AI and ML (machine learning) technologies 10xDS virtual assistants enable Banks to provide an enhanced, personalized and seamless customer experience.

Risk Management

Loan delinquency is a major challenge confronting any bank. 10xDS solutions leverage machine learning algorithms to empower Banks with capabilities to analyze data from the market, historical data, credit reports, social media and more to understand the risk.