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NxSecure – Cybersecurity Services and IT Risk Assurance

Cybersecurity Consulting, Implementation and Managed Services

Fortify your security systems and safeguard critical assets

With the increase in the number of automated, complex and sophisticated cyber-attacks, it has become extremely difficult and challenging to keep pace with the modern cybersecurity strategies to tackle threats from the cyber adversaries. Many organizations are cobbling together and adopting advanced security technologies to minimize risk and protect their critical data assets.

NxSecure - Cybersecurity Vertical of 10xDS

At NxSecure, we partner with you to provide a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity and IT risk assurance services to detect, prevent, and proactively respond to security threats, helping you to rapidly adapt to changes, mitigate risk and minimize the impact.

Why Choose Us as Your Cybersecurity Service Provider

Our Technology Competencies in Security

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Robotic Process Automation

  • Faster & efficient data collection
  • Identifying areas exposed to security risks
  • Improving security with automated rollout of updates and patching
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  • Identifying the relation between threats through insights and reasoning
  • Quick analysis of risk, thus allowing to respond faster
  • Detect suspicious behavior by recognizing and analyzing images and faces
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  • Analysing previous cyber attacks
  • Developing respective defense responses
  • Enabling automated cyber defense response system
Gain Insights


  • Analysing and measuring performance of detection
  • Macro trend analysis to understand and aniticipate future threats
  • Analysing the characteristics of threats and reporting the analysis outcome

Our Cybersecurity Services

Integrated Adaptive Cyber Defence

10xDS digital security operation centre delivers proactive monitoring of client’s information security systems and guarantee prevention of security incidents, leveraging an expert and strong team of certified security engineers along with digital workforce to ensure 24*7 vigilant monitoring of IT security systems.

Cyber Risk Management

10xDS Cyber Risk management services ensures early detection, proactive identification and resolution of security threats by maintaining a strategic balance between defence and response, ensuring minimum expenditure using cost-effective solutions. We help organizations leverage existing infrastructure at the maximum potential to minimize risks and build a balanced IT security strategy.

IT & Cyber security Internal Audit

10xDS offers expert risk based audit services involving comprehensive review of security policy, controls for specific critical IT components, assessment of disaster management capability and more.

Information Security Consulting

10xDS has the expertise and deep understanding of all aspects of Information security. Our customizable consulting services offer Information Security Program Management Services, Policy and Process development, IT Governance, Risk and Compliance consulting, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning and more.

Our Solutions

Cybersecurity solutions - pars bot for access privilege setting

PARs BOT - Your Security Guard against Privilege Creeps

There is no doubt that frequently reviewing Admin Privileges & User Privileges is crucial for maintaining the security of a company. But at the same time, this process is viewed as extremely repetitive, extensive and laborious. Well, that was until our PARs Bot came into action.

10xDS Cybersecurity Compliance Certificate (CCC) Program

If you are a Saudi Aramco third-party vendor, it is mandatory to comply with TPCS and obtain Cybersecurity Compliance Certificate (CCC) from Aramco. 10xDS CCC program equips third-party organizations to get Certified by authorized audit firms.

cybersecurity compliance certificate program
managed detection and response services

Managed Detection and Response(MDR) Services

Enable super-fast threat detection, containment, and response with our Managed Detection and Response services. Avail all turnkey security for a starting price less than what it would take you to hire a single security analyst.

Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service

Attackers never sleep and neither do we. Our managed SOC service leverages next-gen SIEM, Al, UBA, and Threat Intel accompanied with a team of cybersecurity experts to protect your business 24×7.

soc as a service