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Human Resources

In most organizations HR function is viewed as a cost generator and most of its highly transactional processes use old outdated systems to manage tasks. Much of what happens in HR is repetitive and can be automated, making the function ripe for digital transformation. 10xDS helps organizations to adopt the emerging digital technologies such as intelligent automation, artificial intelligence, analytics and more to streamline processes and create more valuable time for the truly human side of the job.

Key Automation Areas

Intelligent Automation

HR Operations and Administration

For a company to manage and keep personal data of all employees up to date is a tough task. 10xDS automation solution automates employee data management for a central HR system, managing employee files and updating employee data more effectively, reducing chance of data loss and human errors.


10xDS Robotized solutions can easily communicate with various departments to initiate offboarding of an exiting employee. They also gather information on the dues and calculating the settlement amount. With SLAs being defined for departments to respond, this can be completed in few days. Follow-ups will also be done by the BOTs so that early responses are triggered.

Onboarding Automation

The long and tedious process of on-boarding will be made easy by 10xDS RPA solutions. Create job offers, send and monitor returned documents for compliance are made seamless. With RPA, user account can be automatically activated by a particular template and it will initiate an onboarding workflow. Accumulation and storing data from resumes of candidates can be done by AI based solutions and pre-populate in the fields of digital forms so that the new joiner is required only to sign off upon joining.

Talent & Performance Management

KPIs like attendance, leaves, learning, work data spread across various systems can be collated and compared against target by the robots to enable a smooth performance appraisal. The review discussions also can be analysed using AI based solutions to enable reviewers with better preparations for the upcoming reviews.


The candidate screening and shortlisting can be a tedious process for the HR or the recruitment team in any organization. Implementing 10xDS automation solution allows the recruiters to gather and screen the resumes against the necessary job requirements. The solution significantly helps in picking the best candidates based on the computerized review of their background. This additionally helps the HR to decide the eligibility of the candidate for an interview.

Payroll Automation

A very critical process for any organization since a delayed salary disbursement can result in frustration among the employees. Organizations employees dedicated teams and ERP software to fast track the process, but they may not be efficient as data input and validations are highly manual. 10xDS RPA solution is the answer for this nagging problem. The input data and validations can be very well configured in an RPA BOT. These solutions are scalable to accommodate the increase in employee count. They are efficient to reduce the handling time and manual effort in the process.


Hire to Retire Analytics

10xDS Analytics solutions helps to analyse the basic employee details in hire to retire lifecycle for the management to understand key metrics. Employee retention is a major task for every organization. Satisfied employees tend to stay longer in an organization. 10xDS Analytics solution helps the management to better analyze the reasons for attrition and absenteeism. This enables effective succession planning by identifying best and suitable employees in the organization.

Productivity and Performance Analytics

High performing companies take continuous feedbacks, surveys, reviews and more through various channels. 10xDS Analytics solutions provide data driven metrics which gives an accurate result of employee productivity and achievements. Individual employee performance can be assessed using employee performance analytics. This helps to identify which all employees are performing well and who all need training and support to improve their skills.

Remuneration & Benefits

Employee remuneration is a large expense for every organization. 10xDS Analytics solutions help companies to analyze their remuneration metrics to proactively detect and prevent compensation problems. This improves quality of the compensation decisions and determines which benefits are popular and unutilized.


HR Virtual Assistants

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), OCR capability (optical character recognition), NLP (natural language processing) and RPA, 10xDS HR virtual assistants can support various processes such as Pre-boarding, Onboarding/Offboarding, HR helpdesk for general organizational and HR policy related queries, Travel and Expense Management and others.

Interview Analysis

AI based speech to text solutions can be employed to convert the interview conversation to texts and analyze them to understand the strengths and qualities needed for the position. Candidate ranking is made more non-judgmental and appreciative this way. Social media analytics is also a great asset to be used for verifying the social presence and activities of the candidate.

Learning & Development

Skill development and learning programs are led by the HR department in most organizations. 10xDS AI supported programs like gaming programs, Personalized learning pathways, conversational interfaces and short duration online courses can significantly help employees in self learning.