Digital Transformation in Logistics Industry


Driving Digital Transformation in the Logistics Industry

Logistics Industry is going through a transformative phase, and it is witnessing an increased adoption of emerging technologies as new entrants are shaking up the sector and customer expectations are skyrocketing. The industry now demands faster, cheaper, reliable, and sustainable delivery services and companies have started leveraging intelligent material handling equipment, autonomous vehicles and several other advancements. The technologies that are shaping the logistics industry includes RPA, Intelligent Automation, AI, Machine learning, Blockchain, Analytics, the Internet of Things, among others. Team 10xDS is driving digital transformations in the logistics industry around the globe by leveraging our expertise.

Challenges for Logistics Industry

Many traditional logistics companies lack a high level of visibility and the touchpoints in the value chain are not connected via digital infrastructure. The major contributing factor for this is the fact that legacy systems and data silos are not able to integrate with the newer technologies. Moreover, manual processes are holding back the ability of logistics companies to handle huge transaction volume, even as the sector is now benefitting from the adoption of ERP Supply Chain Management modules. In this digital, global era, it is very difficult for traditional logistics companies to improve their competitive position and even to maintain it. The traditional companies must adapt to this new digital age and embrace the latest technologies to evolve, especially because of the several competitive advantages gained by businesses that understand how to make the most of these opportunities.

Harnessing the Emerging Technologies

Logistics industry is a crucial pillar for several industries ranging from retail, eCommerce, energy, health care and others. To stay in the competition these companies have started aggressively embracing new technologies to enable greater efficiency and collaborative working models. While autonomous vehicles is quickly gaining more adoption in the industry, emerging technologies like Intelligent automation (IA), Analytics, AI, and others are also gaining traction more than ever. Big data and real-time analytics will have a huge impact on how the logistics functions would be conducted. Logistics providers have enormous amounts of data related to various aspects and this can help them anticipate by creating new business models that adapt to the requirements for optimal operating efficiency. Another major advancement is IoT, and it offers the ability to securely monitor equipment and environment, and companies can take actions before the problem arises. It will also help increase the connectivity speed and reduce the overall costs by providing access to real-time visibility of operations.

What We Do

10xDS helps logistics companies find the best solutions for improving their business processes and transform operations to drive reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. We help logistics companies automate several functions such as bookings, tracking and tracing, tender management, rate agreement, among others to help enhance capacity creation, reduce cost, improve SLA adherence, enable greater accuracy and increase scalability. We believe it is very important to create an atmosphere of acceptance to newer technologies, as their potential for scalability and growth is endless. With the right approach and digital transformation partner, logistics companies can grow with minimum barriers in an efficient manner.

Our Solutions

Inventory processes

Inventory control is the core of Supply Chain. 10xDS automation solution helps in continuous monitoring of the inventory leveraging bots to regularly check vehicle tracking systems and websites and retrieve the inventory status. Bots enable better tracking and faster responses to customer inquiries. Bots can even trigger replenishment orders.

Claims validation

There are chances that the goods in transit may get damaged and such incidents of missing, mis-shipment, defective on arrival, are very usual in the logistics industry. The incidents reported by Forwarders are validated based on a set of logic and a set of proofs. 10xDS Intelligent Automation solution can help companies validate proofs and authorize claims effectively, with greater accuracy and more efficiency. The solution can also help further tag incidents for settlements.

Scheduling and Tracking

Arranging shipments for the goods is a major task in logistics that involves a lot of coordination with Freight Forwarders. 10xDS automation solution can enable bots to communicate with Forwarders to arrange shipments and update disparate systems with the details of the shipments for initiating physical arrangements. The bots can extract shipment details from various sources, log jobs in scheduling systems and update pick-up times in customer/carrier portals, and more.


The Accounts Payable team makes payment to vendors on a periodic basis. The payment happens either by cheque or as an online payment. 10xDS automation solution enables bots to collect data from the ERP and enter it to the payment system. The solution can also help check the condition of goods received at the warehouse to validate and authorize payments, eliminating the manual work.

Our Success Stories

10xDS delivered an automation solution for a multinational food and drink processing conglomerate in the Middle East