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Managing operations is costly business for any organization big or small. Enterprises worldwide are looking for reducing operational costs and focusing valuable time and efforts on higher-value tasks. 10xDS solutions help streamline operations harnessing the potential and power of the emerging technologies like AI, Intelligent Automation and Analytics, resulting in higher productivity, reliability, and reducing operating costs.

Key automation areas

Intelligent Automation

Purchase Order Fulfillment

Inefficient Purchase Order processing costs companies a significant amount of money in terms of wasted time and manpower.10xDS Intelligent Automation solutions help automating purchase order processing, reducing manual efforts, improving accuracy, and enabling faster turnaround time.


Increasing Operational Efficiency

Incorporating big data analytics, companies can develop systems that can consistently gauge their own need for repairs and provide early alerts for situations that are not so easily resolvable. 10xDS analytics solution enables companies to monitor metrics like throughput, efficiency, process downtime, overall process effectiveness and more.


Inventory Management Using AI

Good inventory management involves keeping enough stock in the warehouse to ensure the business keeps moving yet balancing cash reserves. 10xDS AI powered solutions help reducing processing costs, better utilization of storage capacity and efficiently manage inventory.