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Web, Application Development & Mobility Solutions

Helping enterprises to be truly digital with multiple integrated software systems

Our Enterprise Application services help harness your data for new-age technologies to act upon.

Web Development

  • SOA base SaaS solution
  • Micro services
  • Workflows and Rules
  • UX and UI Design
  • Development using modern tools and accelerators ( MEAN, MERN, Full –stack) using .NET Technologies
  • Development using Sharepoint
  • Block chain enabled website development for transactional services

Application Development

  • Custom Modules, Workflow Development
  • Customization on existing modules
  • Branding and styling
  • API Development
  • Mobile Enablement ( Hybrid) using Flutter
  • RPA enabled process like reconciliation approvals, integrating with human touch point


  • Design and development for iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows platforms & cross platform technologies like Xamarin, React Native, Flutter
  • Mobile web and App development
  • Omni channel experience using device specific plugins like Bluetooth, camera, face recognition
  • Manage push Notifications
  • Integrating social media applications to Enterprise systems
  • Mobile testing including automated testing and performance, stress testing

Harness advanced Web, Application, and Mobile technologies to deliver enhanced customer experience

With numerous and diverse technology solutions available in the market, choosing the right strategy becomes challenging. Our advanced WAM (Web, Application, and Mobile) solutions and services, combined with expertise, empower businesses by streamlining processes, enhancing productivity, ensuring operational excellence and improving customer engagement and experience.

Consulting and Strategy

We provide strategic guidance and consulting to develop next-generation web, application, and mobile capabilities, define technology roadmaps and determine best-fit technology platforms.

Design, Development and Migration

Our experienced designers, developers and implementation experts bring life to enticing and feature rich WAM solutions. We also help enterprises seamlessly migrate from existing applications to the latest platforms.


We leverage our comprehensive security approach, advanced testing framework and Centre of Excellence to thoroughly test your WAM solutions.

Analysis and Management

Our solutions help generate reports to analyse the KPIs, manage user access, remote monitoring, ensure security and more.

Our Services

Discovering your requirements, designing supreme user experience, implementing e-commerce solution and sustaining it, 10xDS brings you the right set of skills, tools and resources.

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Leverage the power of vast and ever-increasing mobile users by empowering them with a mobile way of connecting to your business. Our mobile app development services and practices will help you to be in the forefront.

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Be ahead of your competition by building applications that caters to your needs. Features, Integrations and user experience delivered on time.

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Technology Competency

Angular JS
Apache Cordova
Microsoft Azure
React Native
Microsoft Dynamics

Our Insights

Our Credentials

Visa Application Request Creation and Tracking App for Enterprises

Visa Request Creation and Tracking App for Enterprises

10xDS helped a leading global Immigration Firm to implement digital travel mobile app for their corporate customers to manage their employee travels with integrations to One Signal, Google ML Vision and Azure AD. Major features are Creation and Processing of service requests, User Travel History Management, Secure Document Management, Live Document scanning, Push notifications and Chat-based helpdesk. The app is available in both iOS and android.

Sharepoint Solution for HR operations

SharePoint HR administration workflow processes

10xDS helped a versatile retail company in Middle East to implement workflow automation for HR administration processes like Travel Request, Loan Request, Visa Request and Transit & Accommodation request. SharePoint features like Lists, Inherent RBAC system, Approval Workflows, real-time collaboration, Content Management features like dynamic Html, CSS, JScript etc were utilized in the project.

Mobile App Development for Food pick Up

Digital food pick-up

10xDS helped to conceive and implement one of a kind food pick-up apps for Entrepreneurs in the Middle East. Major features are Place and Manage order , Make online payment, Track the order and delivery, Create favorite and most preferred menu, Mange menu and Reports. The app is built on Google cloud platform, Firebase and Angular JS and is available in both iOS and Android.