digital transformation in food and beverage industry

Food and Beverage

Driving Digital Transformation in Food and Beverages

The demand for food and drink is directly proportional to the rise in world population. That makes it a rapidly growing sector, which requires food and beverage (F&B) companies to take proactive measures to fulfill the varied needs of their consumers. However, as consumers expect more from food and drink services than just for sustenance, focusing on health, safety, and environmental factors, the F&B industry is facing some challenges to meet those demands. Then there is the need for meeting regulatory standards, ensuring proper waste management, achieving the margins, and staying prepared for unexpected circumstances. Add to that the drive for digitalization, and it will perfectly define the immense pressure that the F&B industry is going through. However, adopting modern technologies, like Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, and Advanced Analytics, can help to ease this stress and let F&B businesses find innovative ways to deal with all their challenges effectively.

Challenges for Food & Beverages Industry

The changing demographics and preferences of modern consumers require F&B businesses to do proper research to fulfill those demands. This can range from developing healthy products to ensuring ethical and locally-sourced ingredients. F&B industry players also need to stay on top of the digital fluency of today’s consumers and ensure that their services are available through multiple channels to connect and meet the demands of consumers on their terms. At the same time, the diverse segments of the F&B industry need to maintain food safety, quality, and consistency, as well as avoid the risks of unsafe handling, transportation, and supply chain disruption. Likewise, they also need to make certain that their processing and packaging operations run smoothly as they look for measures to meet growing consumer demands.

Harnessing the Emerging Technologies

Emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning (ML), and Advanced Analytics (AA), can help Food and Beverage industry players to transform their businesses and ensure improvements in their operations, maximize their return on investments, and boost profitability. Be it in the dairy sector, baked goods, packaged consumer foods, bio-fuel segment, or any other part of the F&B industry, these advanced technologies provide businesses vast opportunities to attain operational efficiency and ensure better integration to achieve their goals. Many of the F&B companies have already started adopting such measures to increase their rate of production and processing, improve quality, and tackle critical bottlenecks.

What We Do

10xDS understands the challenges and opportunities in all the segments in the Food and Beverage industry and provides technological solutions to address the issues and streamline the outcomes. From production to distribution of food products, our goal is to make sure that F&B companies find the best tools to meet changing consumer preferences and demands, stay compliant with food safety and other regulations, and reshape their operations to gear for the future. Our automation solutions can help F&B businesses to simplify time-intensive jobs, ensure superior productivity, eliminate the human error factor, and ease the stress from employees to let them focus on more revenue-driving tasks. Similarly, the data analytics and market analysis tools by 10xDS can help F&B companies to get better insights into the industry trends and create a best-case scenario for finding solutions to complex problems.

Our Solutions

Supply Chain Optimization

Our goal at 10xDS is to help F&B companies ensure less waste and more transparency in their supply chain. This allows them to be sure about the path of food in every stage of the process through AI-powered solutions, which will help to ensure compliance with food safety regulations. Besides, that will also make the price and inventory management predictions simpler, and track how consumers are responding to the services provided.

Batch Management Solutions

Effectively managing batch operations for multiple products is vital to ensure compliance with food safety regulatory standards and deliver value to their consumers. Our batch management solutions can provide insight into both batch execution and recipe management to help F&B businesses coordinate everything from a single dashboard. 10xDS also provides automation tools to improve the efficiency of batch processes and deliver consistent quality while eliminating paper records and reducing batch release cycles.

Manufacturing Execution System

10xDS provides innovative manufacturing execution solutions to improve flexibility, quality, and profitability for F&B companies. Digitally managing the operational activities and planning the activities in real-time with work process-centric models allow businesses to reduce the time to value as well as costs while streamlining order flow and production execution. Likewise, they can also monitor the process remotely and improve operational efficiencies for better results even in multi-site operations.

Manufacturing Execution System

Monitoring and consolidating orders from various ecommerce applications and assigning to various nearby restaurants tracking them until completion is a strenuous task but if automated using RPA technologies, the process become touchless and smooth.