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Digital Transformation Company in USA

Empowering Businesses to Drive Digital Transformation

Harnessing the power of emerging technologies like RPA, Intelligent Automation, AI, Analytics and others, Exponential Digital Solutions (10xDS) helps companies in the US transform processes, enhance end-user experiences and drive value for customers.

Our Digital Transformation Services

Bring about a paradigm shift in how you operate and conduct business. As enterprises across the US is changing from being resource-centric to budget-centric, and more importantly customer-centric. Leveraging 10xDS expertise and experience in Digital Transformation can help you accomplish the key business objectives, enable greater ROI and drive a more profitable future.

Digital Transformation Consulting

Digital Transformation Consulting

10xDS offers consulting services towards process assessment, system assessment across the organization in order to build strategy and roadmap. We support in building pipeline, understand the feasibility and to know the investment required both in short term and long term.

Intelligent Automation Solutions

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA solutions automate rule-based tasks and labor-intensive processes and free the workforce to focus on innovative, creative, or more value-added jobs. 10xDS RPA solutions stand out from others since we take a holistic approach to significantly increase efficiency, reduce handling time, and improve cost savings. You will also be able to leverage our expertise and experience in building RPA COEs.

Data and Analytics Solutions

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics offer enterprises some powerful techniques to gain actionable insights for better, faster and accurate decision making. Advanced Analytics solutions empower companies to perform advanced statistical models to streamline various operational aspects. Tap into our deep expertise and experience delivering Advanced Analytics solutions to make strategic decisions and optimize your workflows to drive superior growth for your business.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

10xDS offers advanced AI solutions that suits the needs of your business, right from Machine Learning, Chatbots to Neural Networks and Natural Language Processing to gain better strategic insights, market trends and potential areas of growth.  We help businesses utilize these tools effectively to accelerate growth and streamline processes.

Cyber security


10xDS realizes the need for robust cybersecurity services with the increasing number of automated, complex and sophisticated cyber-attacks. We provide a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity and IT risk assurance services to detect, prevent, and proactively respond to security threats, helping you to rapidly adapt to changes, mitigate risk and minimize the impact. We also offer 24-hour monitoring of your IT security systems to fortify it from cybercriminals.

Digital Transformation Vision

10xDS believes in enhancing the existing business models of enterprises in the US with the right technological adoptions suiting their needs and exploring new opportunities for growth leveraging the emerging technologies. We work to align exponential technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Robotic Process Automation, Advanced Analytics, and others with your services and infrastructure to drive digital transformation and build an innovative ecosystem. We aim to help companies automate repetitive manual processes, increase efficiencies, foster innovation-based work culture, deliver enhanced customer experience, gain data-driven insights, and minimize costs.

Catering to a Wide Range of Industries and Sectors

10xDS caters to enterprises across a spectrum of industries and sectors in the US to enable digital transformation and help realize their business objectives.

banking and finance

Banking & Finance





logistics and transportation





food & Beverage

Food & Beverage



oil and gas

Oil & Gas

augmented shared services

Shared Services

Why Choose Us

We at 10xDS draw strength from our expert team comprised of experienced industry specialists, hands-on digital architects, and visionaries who work collaboratively with enterprises in the US to fulfil their transformational vision.  10xDS offers our extensive portfolio of services leveraging RPA, data and analytics, AI technologies, automation solutions, cybersecurity measures, and more to provide companies in the US digital transformation solutions tailored to their business requirements.

10xDS – US companies Partnership

10xDS is partnering with companies in the US to deliver digital transformation solutions leveraging our unrivalled portfolio of services to a wide range of sectors and industries in the US. We help the US enterprises reinvent their business models, enforce greater compliance, and streamline key processes to stay ahead of the digital curve.


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