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Driving Digital Transformation in New Zealand

Digital Transformation services in New Zealand

10xDS has partnered with a New Zealand based company- Gravitus Digital, to offer innovative and emerging technology solutions to the industries in the ANZ region. We deliver our considerable skills and know-how in the fields of Hyperautomation, MS Power Platform, AI, Cloud Security, and others. We help businesses in New Zealand to cater their digitalization needs by harnessing the latest technologies to deliver more value for clients. We are offering our expertise to various sectors like Banking & Finance, Insurance, food & beverage, heallthcare, Retail, among others. Get in touch with the team to kick-off your digital transformation journey!


About Gravitus Digital

Gravitus Digital is a New Zealand based Digital Transformation company offering the latest emerging technologies to help organisations transform the way they work through proven industry-leading practices, methods, and tools to enhance productivity, bring competitive advantage, and boost shareholder value. The company infuses humanities into their technology solutions leveraging a human-centric design approach. Gravitus builds intuitive digital solutions to solve complex business problems.


17b Farnham Street
Auckland 1052
New Zealand