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Digital Transformation in Hospitality Industry

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The Evolving Landscape of the Travel and Hospitality Industry

The tourism and hospitality industry has always demanded a focus on delivering value to the customers. With the changing market dynamics, the transformation of key processes, and a shift to digital customer engagement approaches, businesses now need to take proactive measures to build and maintain brand awareness and generate revenue. We at 10xDS specialize in providing robust solutions that can help you to make the most of modern technological advancements and effectively market and manage your hospitality business.

Challenges for Hospitality Industry

The move to digital transformation has had a significant impact on the continuous inflow and outflow of customers in the travel and hospitality industry. It demands businesses to maintain a good reputation and ensure high-end customer engagement with innovative services, uninterrupted connectivity, easy accessibility, as well as better flexibility in their offerings. This means gaining a competitive edge in this modern hospitality industry landscape means employing advanced technology solutions to derive the best outcomes in terms of customer satisfaction.

Staying ahead in the industry with reliable solutions requires profound technology backing as well as sensible innovation, continuous service support, and sound expertise. As this creates a big challenge for businesses in the hospitality industry, 10xDS provides the right platform to ensure that you thrive in this evolving landscape. We help you to embrace digital transformation and guarantee a seamless, personalized, and unique experience for your customers.

Harnessing the Emerging Technologies

The hospitality and tourism industry contributed more than $8.8 trillion to the world economy in 2018. This is a sector where businesses must be prepared to take proactive steps to deliver the best value to customers. With technological interventions transforming the roadmap for the travel and hospitality industry, you need to adopt the right technology to redefine the customer experience conveyed by your brand.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI solutions can help you to ensure personalized recommendations for your customers based on their travel history and previous interactions with the company.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

AR and VR technologies can help hospitality businesses to deliver an immersive experience by enhancing physical environments and draw more customers to their offers.

What We Do

10xDS provides you the right answer to address the challenges in the travel and hospitality industry. By leveraging our expertise in emerging technology solutions, you can ensure the right technology deployment for your business and take your brand to new heights. We can help you with a wide range of services starting from Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions for managing back-office operations to advanced software for handling accounting, reconciliation, and contract management tasks.

Use Cases in Automation, Analytics & AI


AI-powered booking tools can process reservations and handle promotional offers based on individual customer preferences. This way, booking bots can help to streamline the process as well as improve the efficiency of promotions by targeting the right audience.

Compliance Reporting & Auditing

Automated software can scan data from multiple sources in real-time, which enhances the accuracy of reporting as well as ensures compliance based on the changing regulations. As the process requires minimal human intervention, it can help to improve operational efficiency.

Invoice and Claims Processing

By deploying AI and RPA solutions for managing invoices, claims, bills, and customer complaints can speed-up the process and make it more efficient. This will help to reduce waiting time, which means a much better customer experience.

Competitor Pricing Analysis

With the help of Analytics AI, you can easily keep an eye on the changing market trends and check how your competitors are promoting their services. This can give you a competitive edge in the industry and drive more revenue for your company.