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IT Operations

Today the IT landscape is constantly evolving with an ever-increasing set of demands of the business and the necessity to keep pace with the latest digital and technological transformation world-wide. We at 10xDS help organizations streamline their IT operations leveraging the emerging and fast-moving new initiatives and technologies such as AI, Intelligent Automation, Analytics and more.

Key Automation Areas

Intelligent Automations

Password Resets

Resetting passwords wastes enormous amount of time and money resulting in end user frustration, customer dissatisfaction and compliance vulnerabilities. 10xDS Intelligent automations efficiently processes password requests, saving manhours and increasing tickets solved.

User Account Management

Managing accurate user credential information across multiple information systems can be a major challenge for larger organizations, with diverse information systems. 10xDS Intelligent automations efficiently validates requests and exceptions and more, saving manhours and increasing tickets solved.

Customer Service & Support Desk

Automating repetitive service desk activities and presenting users with the ability to self-serve for common requests would improve service levels and reduce resolution times and error levels. 10xDS Intelligent automations support key processes involved in supporting and administering users, achieving significant cost efficiencies and reduction in resolution times.

Optimizing User notification emails

The user notification process involves standard procedures involving structured information and predetermined rules. 10xDS Intelligent automation bots perform logins, run reports, and capture pending cases, send emails, update ticket status and more, greatly improving processing and resolution time.