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Consulting, Implementation and Managed Services

Analyse the past, derive actionable insights, forecast the future,
and make right and timely decisions

Over the last few years we are witnessing a “data revolution” and a significant number of organizations are pouring money, innovation and efforts into unlocking its huge potential. Many organizations have started outlining a transformation pathway by building their analytics capabilities, tapping into the deluge of data to transform raw numbers into actionable insights for enabling faster and more accurate decision making.

10xDS Analytics Capabilities


Information Management Solutions

  • Enterprise data warehouse
  • Data modelling
  • Data integration
  • Data migration and conversion
  • Data Quality

Big Data Solutions

  • Structured / semi structured / unstructured
  • Social media analytics
  • Streaming data analytics
  • Hadoop based solutions
  • Cloud enabled services

Business Intelligence Solutions

  • Enterprise reporting
  • Report migration / enhancements
  • In memory analytics
  • Multi dimension analysis
  • Mobile BI

Advanced Analytics Solutions

  • Statistical modelling
  • Machine learning
  • Deep learning
  • Optimization / Simulation
  • Text analytics

Our Analytics Solutions

10xDS is driving digital transformation by leveraging our expertise on data and analytics technologies and deep sector experience to enable organizations make effective strategic decisions. Our strong portfolio of data and analytics services includes Information Management, Big Data, Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics solutions for assisted and semi-automated decision making.

Customer Analytics

10xDS Customer Analytics leverages analytics capabilities to understand customer behavior, buying patterns, lifetime value of customers and predict their future purchases from historical purchase data. This customer analytics solution enables businesses to take key business decisions via market segmentation and predictive analytics.

Sales Analytics

10xDS Sales analytics and forecasting help you to recognize where your business stands at present as well as how things will pan out in the future. Leveraging your historical sales data and analysing the customer behaviour and patterns will allow you to predict revenue numbers as well as make informed business decisions on how to proceed with your sales campaigns

Financial Analytics

10xDS Financial analytics serves as a centralized and interactive data hub for the key financial information which the company is tracking. They contain the Key KPI matrices and intuitive analytical tools which can be easily deciphered augmenting the strategic and analytical efforts related to the financial aspects of the business.

Risk Analytics

10xDS Risk Analytics use a range of techniques to extrapolate insights, calculate likely scenarios, and predict future events. Predictive analytics for credit risks, Descriptive analytics for Operational risks are few of the risk analytics solutions implemented.

Operational Analytics

10xDS Operational analytics helps to analyse the data businesses need to improve their existing operations, by gaining access to real-time data insights and greater visibility into business processes. BOT analytics is an example of operational analytics which uses data generated by BOT operations to get RPA COE Operations data insights quickly and make it easily accessible in real-time.

Analytics as a Service Platform


10xDS Analytics as a Service (AaaS) offers an excellent way for organizations to gain actionable insights from the enormous amounts of data at their disposal. AaaS can significantly lower cost, as organizations can save the price of owning and managing on-premises analytics tools. 10xDS AaaS provides analytical dashboards as managed services, leveraging our Analytics COE and deployment methodology.