AI Computer Vision

AI Computer Vision

Reinventing Safety, Security, Compliance, and solutions for real-life scenarios with Computer Vision in Artificial Intelligence

Computer vision solutions and image recognition technologies are creating a paradigm shift in the way enterprises across the globe work, leading the way of innovation, enabling enhanced precision, and control. Leverage the visual data and unlock the untapped potential of our AI Computer Vision solutions to gain new efficiencies.

How AI Computer Vision Works

Computer vision technology leverages algorithms based on pattern recognition, mimicking the way the human brain works. Computer vision systems process massive amount of visual data, label objects on the images, and find patterns to decode individual objects. With the advancements in computing power and cloud computing, paired with emerging technologies like Machine Learning, Big Data, Advanced Analytics and others, 10xDS can help solve complex problems for organizations worldwide, driving computer vision technology forward.


Computer Vision

Computer Vision

ML & Object Detection

Big data

Big Data

Advanced analytics

Advanced Analytics

Cognitive Intelligence

Leverage AI Computer Vision to Address Business Challenges

Integrating computer vision AI to make your existing hardware intelligent

  • Security Compliance Monitoring
  • Employee Productivity Tracker
  • Workplace Utilization
  • Ergonomic Designing
  • Department-wise facility Utilization
  • Warehouse Optimization
  • Customer Demographics Analysis
  • Managing Queue
  • Maintaining high workplace security standards
  • Fraud Detection & Control
  • Anomaly detection

10xDS Computer Vision Overview

We understand that AI-powered computer vision is the future that can radically affect several industries, save time, enhance accuracies, reduce stress on professionals, enhance safety and change the lives of millions of people worldwide. Leveraging our dedicated team of expert data scientists with deep authority over AI, we deliver state-of-the-art AI-powered Computer Vision solutions catering to a wide range of needs for companies across different industries.

10xDS Computer Vision Applications

AI powered computer vision technology is state-of-the-art, yet mature and reliable to help enterprises save valuable time, improve efficiencies, quality and ultimately generate cost savings and good ROI. Computer vision is gaining importance due to its endless possibilities and a wealth of applications that will be key to enhance your organization.

Employee Proctoring

Our employee proctoring solution helps you to record and track all your employees’ activity. The intelligent proctoring solution will give you granular levels of details about the activities handled by an employee, giving you better control over their overall functioning.

Smart Security Solutions

Our solutions help in effective monitoring and actioning based on specific security events happening in the office premises. The solution helps in Anomaly Detection, Security Compliance Monitoring, Tracking Virtual security fences (intelligent detection) and others.

Transforming Banking Experience

10xDS Computer Vision solutions can create unique and positive customer experiences for any Bank. Its varied applications include Customer Demographics Analysis, Queue Monitoring/Footfall Analytics, Employee Productivity Tracker, Customer Sentiment Analysis, Customer Conversion Analytics, Fraud Detection & Control, ATM Monitoring & ID Verification, Customer Activity Heat Maps and more.

Regulatory compliance in Pharma

AI Computer Vision solution can enable continuous product quality assurance. The solution helps Pharma companies to adhere to Current Good Manufacturing Practice in terms of gowning requirements, cross-contamination, packaging, labelling, quarantine zone protocols and others. It enhances operational efficiency, helping the companies oversee the average time spent in the lab, handling and disinfecting of machinery.

Smart Space Utilisation & Occupancy Intelligence

Smart space utilisation solution provides data on meeting rooms, floor, and desk occupancy. Facility managers can better understand the utilization to optimize layout and allocate workspace to employees. The solution helps in ergonomic designing of office space, zone/department-wise facility utilisation, managing queue, meeting room utilisation and more.

Contact-less Attendance Management System

This next generation attendance management system enables recording of employees’ attendance by detecting their faces via existing CCTV or IP cameras. The solution eliminates duplicate data entry and errors, provides real time status tracking, increases security and confidentiality, and prevents misuse of attendance policies.

Warehouse Management

Our solution help monitor various scenarios based on the warehouse management requirements and provide detailed analytics in real-time for deriving KPIs such as Cubic Meter (CBM), Turn Around Time (TAT), Asset Utilization, Personnel Utilization, Safety compliance and more.

Hazard detection and workplace safety

Our advanced AI based CV system enables better detection of safety incidents and hazards, pinpointing the location of the hazard, such as fire, as soon as it happens. The built-in algorithms can help humans take immediate action before an incident gets out of control, allowing necessary preventive measures.

Harness the power of AI Computer Vision and make your existing hardware Super Intelligent