Digital Transformation in Manufacturing-Industry


Digital Transformation in the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is evolving continuously to stay on track with the digital industrial revolution. This means businesses in the manufacturing sector, be it in the machinery and equipment, electrical and metal products, building and construction material, rubber and plastic products, or any other segment, need to employ the right tools and technology to resolve their challenges and meet the growing demands of the industry. From difficulties in forecasting market demands to ineffective inventory management, manufacturing companies need to deal with a lot of challenges today. Then there is the lack of skilled workers and the need to maintain efficiency at the plants. Fortunately, advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Analytics, Machine Learning (ML), and Intelligent Automation (IA) can help manufacturing companies to tackle these challenges, and focus on product innovation and other strengths of their business.

Challenges for Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing companies are often burdened with the need for a highly-skilled workforce. As the baby boomer generation is entering the retirement stage, it is creating a great labor shortage in the manufacturing industry. At the same time, manufacturing businesses are also finding it difficult to improve their ROI due to the unpredictable economic conditions and changing consumer behaviors. On the other hand, manufacturers are also troubled with finding effective ways to reduce costs and enhance employee and business efficiency. Then there are problems with streamlining the supply chain process and its elements, such as delivery schedules, safety stock levels, logistics expenses, etc. On top of that, technical failures in the manufacturing process can completely disrupt their delivery schedules.

Harnessing the Emerging Technologies

Going the digital transformation route can help players in the manufacturing industry in multiple ways. For instance, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and ML tools can be configured to perform repetitive day-to-day tasks as well as handle complicated processes that would have otherwise required specifically trained workers. Likewise, technologies like IoT and Blockchain can help to streamline supply chain parameters and deal with the complexities involved in the process. AI and simulation technology can also help manufacturers foresee possible errors in the processes and fix product flaws dynamically to serve their customers better. Meanwhile, Advanced Analytics can help manufacturing businesses to keep an eye on the changing market trends, make the delivery schedules more efficient, as well as predict future failures and schedule precautionary maintenance as needed.

What We Do

10xDS aims to help manufacturing companies find the right technology solutions for overcoming their challenges. Our goal is to guide manufacturers in adopting emerging technologies to meet their customer and stakeholder expectations as well as gain better ROI. We also ensure that manufacturing companies can move ahead with their digital transformation strategies without disrupting the existing processes so that it facilitates their seamless transition to Industry 4.0 complying with the digital industrial revolution. 10xDS also provides cybersecurity solutions powered by AI and ML to thwart mischievous cyber attacks into manufacturing industry systems and ensure that all the data and information of the company remains well protected behind robust firewalls.

Our Solutions

Data and Analytics

Inventory control and supply chain optimization are two of the most common challenges in the manufacturing industry. We at 10xDS help manufacturers to leverage the power of data and analytics tools to determine their next actions regarding inventory management, predict any machinery failures, and estimate future market demands. This way, manufacturing companies can use predictive and prescriptive solutions to make informed decisions at the right time and gain a competitive advantage in the industry.

Intelligent Automation

10xDS provides automation solutions to manufacturing companies that are based on technologies like RPA, AI, and Advanced Analytics. Such solutions can carry out their conventional manufacturing processes without much human intervening, which frees their workforce and a lot of resources that can be used for other productive aspects of the business. Manufacturers can also derive valuable insights about their operations by using automation solutions and achieve better agility and efficiency in their manufacturing processes.

Digital Services

The need to go digital has disrupted every industry and it applies to manufacturing companies as well. The achievements in human-to-machine interactions, machine-to-machine interactions, and reliable data and analytics capabilities have put IoT and digitalization at the forefront. That is why 10xDS provides comprehensive digital services to manufacturing businesses so that they can stay on top of the emerging technologies to transform their operations and deliver a superior end-to-end experience to clients and customers.