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Customer Service

Organizations are experiencing a tremendous shift in the way customer service works. 10xDS helps transform every aspect of the business including customer experience, engagement, brand reputation, and generation of revenue streams leveraging advanced emerging digital solutions like AI, Intelligent Automation, Analytics and more.

Key Automation Areas

Intelligent Automation

Customer Service Function

Service agents spend their valuable call handling time retrieving information from multiple systems and manually uploading the data into the order management system. 10xDS intelligent automation solutions seamlessly transfers and processes caller information. Our solution significantly reduces average call handling time and improves efficiency.

Intelligent Call Routing

Intelligent routing can use the caller data, caller input data (IVR) and customer historical data interpreted by a 10xDS RPA solution, to direct the customer to the agents with the required skill set to correct the problem/ connect the customer to the same agent he/ she was conversing with ensuring continuity of support.

Customer Information and Order History

With 10xDS RPA solution, it is possible for an agent to get all the basic information and transaction history they have about a customer while the customer is on call. This makes the process much easier for the agent and saves time for the customers as they spend less time on the phone, which will in turn improve satisfaction levels.

Transaction Execution

The long and tedious process of updating / placing an order requires information to be looked up, collected, verified, sorted, filtered, formatted, submitted into multiple systems to complete a request can be taken care with 10xDS Intelligent automation solutions . This helps in greater accuracy and speed. It can also notify the business of exceptions that need agent intervention ensuring all customers are serviced in a timely manner


Customer Analytics

Data plays an important role in improving customer service. 10xDS analytics solution leverages advanced methods to identify high-risk customers. Analyzing data entered by customers during their interactions help implement several important customer service enhancements.

Customer Retention

Companies have realized the importance of using advanced analytics to identify at-risk customers in order to improve their customer retention rate. 10xDS analytics solution enables companies to proactively maintain customer relationships and reduce the risk of attrition over time.


Call Quality Monitoring

Artificial Intelligence is currently being deployed in customer service to both augment and replace human agents, to enhance customer service. 10xDS Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions help supervisors monitor call quality and help CSRs understand customer sentiment during insurance claim calls and more.

Automated Speech Recognition

Multitude of lead information are generated in a day, for which each requires manual verification to check whether they are actual leads. The automated speech recognition takes help of IVR. 10xDS AI solution helps in understanding the pulse of the customers and their problems. This also helps in filtering calls based on their importance as leads to bring down the cycle time on conversions.