UiPath Clipboard AI simplifies “copy and paste”

UiPath Clipboard AI simplifies “copy and paste”

UiPath made waves with the announcement that UiPath Clipboard AI clinched a spot on TIME’s prestigious list of Best Inventions of 2023, securing its position in the Productivity Category. TIME’s discerning editors, correspondents, and staff evaluated innovations that redefine our lifestyle, work dynamics, and recreational activities. Clipboard AI stood out by eliminating the manual hassles of copy-pasting.

With Clipboard AI, users can effortlessly highlight information and direct it to various destinations—be it another form, application, or table. The AI then intelligently determines where the data should reside and pastes it accordingly. Notably, Clipboard AI extends its prowess to deciphering information from images, such as screenshots or scans, transforming it into actionable data on other platforms.

In UiPath’s extensive arsenal of solutions catering to over 10,000 global customers, Clipboard AI is a testament to the company’s commitment to realizing the potential of AI at work. Adding to its repertoire, UiPath recently introduced UiPath Autopilot—a cutting-edge integration of Generative AI, Specialized AI, and automation, reaffirming UiPath’s position at the forefront of innovative technology.

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