Superior Customer Experience by adopting Disruptive Technologies

Automation for Call Center Operations for Superior Customer Experience

Superior Customer Experience by adopting Disruptive Technologies

Customer is the most important part of any company and hence l the experiences and interactions at every touch point matters. Organizations must take care of their customer’s needs, preferences, and issues. In the customer journey, it is imperative for organizations to make an emotional connect with the customers and the role customer service centers play in this journey is very important. This is the reason why most of the organizations look at the performance indicators of call centers seriously. But the challenge is to enhance the call center service process and equip call center agents to quickly respond to customers and give a superior experience.

Recent technology adoptions have yielded much needed result in call centers. Let’s look at how RPA, Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence is fixing the gaps and helping call centers.

call center kpis and the automation solutions
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Prior to the call

Customers tend to hang up a call hearing a busy tone or due to long wait time in queue and this experience might be frustrating. This experience might reflect in the call when they finally reach a human agent. Hence Customer Service Centre tracks these KPIs. The percentage of inbound callers that received the busy tone, average time in queue and average call abandonment Rate play a major role in customer dissatisfaction. These are common occurrences in the customer service center scenario and has a detrimental impact on customer retention. This is where Intelligent voicebots and chatbots come in handy. It is expected that conversational interfaces will create greater changes in customer service function in years to come. Any role that relies on communication will be improved with a voice interface. These solutions will eliminate human intervention on simple tasks but with a personal touch. A voicebot or chatbot can collect basic information to identify the customer and collate the data from multiple systems to a single place while the customer is in the queue. When the customer reaches the human agent, the agent is already enabled with the basic information required to address the customer and can right away start to fix the issue.

During call

First Call Resolution is considered the most important KPI related to a customer’s level of satisfaction with a company. Customers set aside time to fix an issue and they expect to have their issue resolved the very first time they reach out to the Service Centers. From Service Center point of view also, this is important as it helps in avoiding agents getting stuck and burned out at follow up calls.  New age technologies help to bring resolutions in a quicker way. Agent assisting bots collate and make data available from multiple system to a single place for agents to serve customers better. This will also improve the average speed of answer which is another key KPI for Customer Service function. It is the average time it takes for calls to be answered in the customer service center during a specific time frame including time at queue.

Intelligent Voicebots helps gathering basic user data and the issues faced during the wait time so that resolution is expedited. The clock starts ticking for the agent when he/she starts the interaction which is also a major performance indicator. All the data from multiple legacy systems and previous calls available in a single place will help reduce the Handling time. There are Agent monitoring bots who constantly monitor the call and make the requests processed in a real time. These bots also help agents pick up the details from the previous call history so that customer need not repeat the issue all over again. Intelligent routing of issues to certain agents based on prior experience of resolving issues will go a long way in serving the customer right at the first time. Service Level transformation can be achieved this way with a hybrid model of Digital workers and Human agents and thus increasing the Customer Satisfaction.

After call

In most customer service centers, an agent’s work does not end when they finish a call. They spend quite a bit of time updating databases, sending emails and summarizing the same for future records. This increases the Occupancy rate of the agents while other customers are waiting in the queue to reach a live agent.  Customer Service centers need to think of managing this using a Bot for completing the tasks after the call. This way agents can focus on resolving customer issues faster and also serving more customers at a time.

Daily planning

Agent Absenteeism and Agent turnover can have a major impact on Customer Service center scheduling and staffing as well as their bottom line. These are unavoidable but can be controlled to certain extent. AI based work management will be helpful to bring down this trend. Based on previous success rate and the kind of tickets fixed, calls can be routed to a specific agent with an Agent assisting bot still monitoring and helping the call. This avoids burn out of customer service agents. Interaction analytics are also used to improve the performance of each agents by imparting the required trainings based on gaps identified.


Superior customer support requires a lot of planning and effort and disruptive technologies are giving it a much-needed thrust. When implemented well, these technologies can make the customer experience efficient.

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