How to choose the right App Development technology partner

How to Choose the right App Development technology partner

How to choose the right App Development technology partner

There are enough app development companies in the market, and it is a daunting task to select the right app development technology partner for a business among these. Different app development projects may have their own definite requirements which a single partner may not be able to fulfil due to different competency levels.

While there is no perfect method to ensure that the partner chosen turns out to be the ideal one, following the rules and avoiding the mistakes mentioned below will help a business choose the right app development technology partner.

Guide for choosing the App Development Partner

Businesses should pay heed to the following rules while selecting the right app development partner:

1. Checking the popular listing and review platforms

There are popular listing and review platforms for the top app development companies like Clutch, GoodFirms, Manifest, etc which can be utilized by the business as credible sources for verified, unbiased reviews and for the initial shortlisting of companies. If there is any company which the business has in mind or if it wants to choose a local app development partner, the business can confirm if the company is listed in any of these networks and also can search based on the company’s location. If the company is identified in any of these lists, the business can further check the reviews and ratings of the companies on these pages.

2. Evaluate the Portfolio and Projects

The business should closely evaluate the work portfolio of the app development company in detail to ensure they have sufficient experience in the latest trends in app development. Furthermore, the business can check the projects on the company’s website and specifically verify if the projects are of the related domain. It will also be good if the business downloads a few apps of the company (if available to the public) to try them on their own which will give them an idea about the quality of the UX/UI design and the app in general.

3. Seek Client References/Feedback

A good method to check the credibility of the app development technology partners shortlisted is to seek the Client references/feedback. The references/feedback of their earlier work can be obtained from the website of the app development partner or directly from the app development company.

4. Ensuring that the Partner understands the requirements and is transparent

It is very important that the business communicates well with the short-listed app development companies and ensure that the companies are transparent in the communication. It is a no brainer that an app development company that is not very transparent in communication will not be the right development partner for the business in the long term. The business can confirm if the app development company understands the project requirements and are well versed with the relevant domain by asking the company for suggestions about the new app or idea and related questions around it.

5. Select Partner offering continued support and you can build a relation with

A key factor while looking for an App Development partner is whether the partner will offer post go-live support and maintenance. Any app after go-live will have to go through a series of upgrades and iterations based on frequent user feedback and it is imperative for the business to look for a skilful partner who can handle the evolutions of the app and who will stay on the entire duration of the app lifecycle.

6. Security Protocols

One of the most important criteria while choosing an App Development partner is looking for a company who can assure the business of top-grade security by implementing the essential protocols required to protect private and proprietary data. The business should also check if the partner is GDPR compliant.

Mistakes to avoid while selecting the App Development Partner

Businesses also need to be careful to avoid the following mistakes while choosing the app development partner:

1. Let cost not be the only deciding factor

While every business has a budget for app development, cost should never be the only deciding factor to choose the app development partner. A less priced app can be a total failure if it does not satisfy the business requirements and may also result in being more expensive in the long run.

2. Confidentiality requirements should not be overlooked

Any business looking for a development partner should not overlook/underestimate the significance of confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement(NDA) for a development project. Development Partners not willing to sign the NDA should not be chosen by the business.

3. Do not select a company that evades documentation

All documentation including the requirement specifications jointly agreed upon by the business and the app development partner is crucial for any development project. This will provide clarity regarding whether the app needs changes in the future, whether a new requirement needs to be classified as a Change Request (CR) or not or while handing over to a new app development if required. The business should discuss all the document requirements with the partner upfront and should never choose a company that is resistant to the required documentation.


The app development technology partner selected can determine the future of the app and even the business itself. Hence, businesses should be heedful to follow the rules and to avoid the mistakes listed above while choosing the right app development technology partner.

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