Major O&G company streamlines Tender Management process leveraging 10xDS RPA solution

Tender Management Process using RPA Solution

Major O&G company streamlines Tender Management process leveraging 10xDS RPA solution

10xDS successfully developed a Robotic Process Automation solution to streamline Tender Management process for an O&G company. 10xDS developed a robust framework to provide RPA as a Service for the process to drive cost-effective RPA adoption.


The client faced the challenge of managing a repetitive rule-based process spread across multiple portals and systems. There was a high probability of missing tender requests due to various reasons such as an engineer's non-availability. There was no follow-up process in place, resulting in a delay in responses.


10xDS developed a robotized process (software bots) to streamline the Tender Management Process. Bots frequently monitor the client websites (Rabitah, Tawreed etc.) ensuring that all the required RFX requests are downloaded from the site. The Bots send reminder emails requesting immediate action. The keyword scan feature allows Bots to route the request to the appropriate engineer, once the requests are scanned for pre-set keywords. Bots record all tender information into the ERP and based on engineer's response, it takes subsequent actions of either accepting or rejecting. Apart from eliminating manual data entry tasks, the solution helps the company avoid the risk of missing tenders and also enables a faster and timely closure of tender responses. RPA as a Service offers a low-cost entry into the Digital Transformation journey. The solution enabled seamless interaction between humans and robots. Greater Compliance with a detailed audit log.

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