Employee Dashboard Process– Power Apps & Automation

Employee Dashboard Process- Power Apps and Automation

Employee Dashboard Process– Power Apps & Automation

10xDS developed an automated solution Employee Dashboard Solution using the Power Platform to transform HR operations in a leading Power & Utilities company. By centralizing data, automating processes, and empowering employees with self-service capabilities, the organization streamlined HR operations, improved data accuracy, and enhanced decision-making.


The organization grappled with disparate HR systems, impeding data consolidation and analysis. Inconsistent employee data caused inaccuracies, decision delays, and compliance issues. A user-friendly interface was lacking, increasing HR administrative workload. The absence of a centralized system hindered efficient report generation, necessitating manual data reconciliation and reducing overall efficiency.


A centralized data repository was established, consolidating HR data from multiple entities for enhanced Data Accuracy and Consistency. An Employee Self-Service Portal was introduced, promoting Employee Empowerment through intuitive access and updates. Automated workflows drove Efficiency Gains by reducing manual efforts and ensuring data consistency. Integrated real-time reporting empowered the central HR team with immediate access for Enhanced Decision Making. Robust data validation rules and governance policies were implemented, ensuring data accuracy and compliance across entities and ERP systems, bolstering overall HR operational efficiency.

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