5 Real-World Use Cases from 10xDS in Microsoft Power Platform

5 real-world Microsoft Power Platform Use Cases

5 Real-World Use Cases from 10xDS in Microsoft Power Platform

Power is the ability to control people or things and that is according to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. That is precisely what the Microsoft Power Platform is envisioned to do. The power of combining Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agent is set to revitalize the way businesses were looking at transforming their operations. These applications work in a unified way and significantly improve business processes.

You would have already read the blog, Five Benefits of Using Microsoft Power Platform for Your Business from our insights library.

In this blog, we will try to familiarize you with the use-cases that 10xDS is bringing into action using the “power” of Power platforms.

1. Tender Management – Power Automate

Many Government organizations, Oil & Gas companies, Big corporates release tender through their online tendering portals. Companies need to be alerted to check these portals on a continuous basis and missing tender means missing an opportunity for business. Employees spend a lot of hours, logging in and out monitoring new enquiries, assigning to the corresponding sales teams, registering, and downloading attachments, among others  We now have a Power Automate based RPA solution for you to manage the process.

  • BOT (virtual employee) will monitor all the required websites for new enquiries
  • It checks for enquiries for valves/ pumps (keywords to be chosen by you) and automatically assigns to the respective sales engineers/ teams
  • Registers the enquiry in your logs (including various ERP’s)
  • Downloads and saves the enquiry documents in the newly created folders as per the enquiry registration.
  • This works 24 hours non-stop.

2. CFO dashboards – Power Apps, Power Automate and Power BI

Financial data analysis is not easy to perform but not anymore, with the arrival of Power Platforms. They help to conquer the challenge of working efficiently with financial data.

10xDS has developed a management reporting solution to derive actionable insights from trial balances. It also has options for making adjustments like elimination and reclassification of entries in the trial balances. It is assisted by Power Automate back end, which downloads the trial balances from multiple systems like accounting application and email. The robots then transform the data and inject it into a SQL database for the analytics tool to fetch and process.

The solution generates financial statements like Balance sheet, Profit and Loss and Cash Flow statements from the trial balances post adjustment. CFO level insights are generated for each financial statement and are depicted through very interactive Power BI visualisations. Time filters and multiple company selection (for subsidiaries) provides a snapshot of company health over a period which helps the management to make informed decisions and set long term and short-term strategies. This is presented in an intuitive interface built using Power Apps.

3. Authority approval for drugs and manufacture goods entering a country

Any manufactured food products and drugs entering a country from manufacturing locations need to undergo an approval process with the concerned Authorities. 10xDS developed an automation solution to streamline this approval process with no human touchpoint. There were high chances of shipments being stopped for delayed request processing and approvals. If there are any errors request submitted online site due to manual copy-paste actions the requests get rejected and the entire cycle need to continue again.

  • By frequently monitoring the receipt of the invoices, the Power Automate BOT process starts:
    • BOT accesses the online site and keys in the required information from the invoice
    • BOT captures the pre-notification number and updates the numbers against the respective POs
  • Internal processes/systems/folders are integrated into the solution

This helps in faster and timely processing of approval requests, seamless flow of information from processing team to transport team and avoidance of the risk of halted shipments at the border.

4. Contactless attendance management – Power Apps ( Return to Workplace)

The pandemic has disrupted businesses in every sector and the current situation is making them prioritize how they operate in the future, giving vital importance to supporting the health and safety of their employees, customers, and society. Leading this evolution is a new wave of contactless access solution to enable authentication of identities at entry and exit. 10xDS is leveraging Power Apps based Return to workplace solution to serve our clients.

Contactless attendance management – Power Apps, Return to workplace solutionHere are some sure-fire benefits:

  • Can be managed without any additional hardware
  • A touchless experience to the employees
  • Integration with Leave management and HR systems
  • Real-time reports and notifications to the HR/Admin team
  • Unlimited capacity
  • Access control using facial recognition

5. Customer Analytics – Power BI

10xDS developed a customer analytics module for clients to understand their customer better, by using Power BI – customer segmentation, propensity model and lifetime value to provide customers with a seamless buying experience and to increase the sales. A single promotion for the entire customer universe does not yield desired sales and tailored promotions for each customer segments needs proper customer segmentation methods. Insights on customer spending habits and visit patterns also help sales team for targeted promotions to enable better conversions.

Our solution features:

  • A customer segmentation module that segments customers based on RFM (recency, frequency, monetary) model
  • A customer propensity model which forecasts the next visit of the customer
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) based on past purchases (historical CLV)

Companies can be assured of sales increased by multiple times due to tailored promotions. Insights from customer buying patterns enable the company to ensure adequate stock and frequent customers identification helps to conduct effective rewards programs to enhance the buying experience.

How 10xDS can Help

Microsoft PowerApps has brought a sea-change in the application development space. It is a licensed product that is included in most Microsoft 365 Enterprise plans. As a Microsoft Partner, 10xDS is helping enterprises build solutions within just few days.

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