What is SOC as a service – Its benefits to organizations

what is soc as service

What is SOC as a service – Its benefits to organizations

A Security Operations Center (SOC) is an organization’s central hub for monitoring and responding to cyber security incidents. It’s open always and is crucial to any serious approach to cyber defence. An organization’s sensitive data, computer systems, and other digital resources should be monitored around the clock by a SOC to prevent any malicious attacks. Unfortunately, the complexity and expense of a contemporary SOC deployment make it beyond the reach of many businesses. Getting up and running might take a long time and a lot of money. A Ponemon Report indicated that, despite investments in people and technology, just 42% of companies consider their SOC to be extremely successful.

A SOC is important for an organization’s capacity to continue functioning, generate revenue, and meet regulatory requirements in light of the increasing frequency and severity of cyberattacks. However, developing a fully functional internal SOC to the point where you can achieve a mature degree of security may be time-consuming, resource-intensive, and costly. This is why many businesses are looking into security service outsourcing options like SOC-as-a-Service.

What is SOC as a Service

There are a number of obstacles that might hinder a company’s efforts to build and maintain a fully functional SOC in-house. Attracting and keeping qualified cybersecurity workers is challenging and expensive due to the current labour shortage in the industry. Furthermore, investing in various security solutions meant to address and mitigate various risks is essential for successful cybersecurity.

When a company outsources SOC monitoring to a SOC-as-a-service provider, the company’s network is constantly monitored around the clock. Guaranteed by service level agreements (SLAs) in the SOW, a SOC provider will respond to incidents within agreed-upon periods when they occur in order to minimise damage to a network. With this assurance backed by measurable SLA KPIs, you can sleep well knowing that your environment is being monitored around the clock, so that any potential risks may be identified right away, and countermeasures put into place.

When a company uses a SOC-as-a-Service, the company doesn’t need to hire its own staff to monitor and defend its network around the clock from the myriad of cyber dangers of the present and future; instead, it can rely on the SOC-as-a-Service provider to handle these duties.

Reasons why you should go for SOC as a service- Benefits to Organizations

When a company uses a Security Operations Center as a Service, it is outsourcing its security operations to a dedicated team of experts. There are several advantages to utilising managed SOC services, such as:

1. Enhanced Compliance

HIPPA, SOX, and PCI are just a few of the laws and regulations that every company must follow. Specific requirements for the treatment, security, and archiving of data vary from legislation to regulation. By outsourcing to a Turnkey, Fully Managed SOC-as-a-service, a company can make sure it not only complies with the bare minimum but also gains visibility into its operations and a solid foundation on which to base suggestions for making necessary improvements.

2. Tracking Down Complex and Mysterious Threats

A next-generation security suite that can monitor for and react to both known and undiscovered threats is becoming increasingly important as the cybersecurity landscape evolves fast. In order for a security monitoring team to respond swiftly to true positives and determine which events to prioritise for containment and remediation, it is crucial to remember that the product may filter out false positives, hence reducing the cacophony of alerts that overwhelms them.

3. Observability of Networks and Resources

The team may get a bird’s-eye view of all company assets by consolidating logs from on-premises and cloud-based apps, databases, servers, etc. to get more insight into user activity, endpoints, traffic, file updates, etc. The SOC provider can keep an eye on your network and its environs, even as your business expands, thanks to this level of visibility.

4. Reduce Initial SOC Expenses

More time, money, and effort are needed up front to build an in-house SOC due to the need to pay for software, implement it, find the right people with the right skill sets, train them, and keep them up to date on the latest security trends, all while paying licensing fees based on different SIEM pricing models. There are SIEM providers who base their prices on the number of users, while others price based on the volume of data that is absorbed.

5. Increase the Effectiveness of Incident Management

One of the numerous advantages of a well-tuned SIEM is an increase in the efficiency with which incidents are handled and a reduction in background noise. As a result, incident handlers may spend less time on false positives, speed up the triage process, and take immediate action. With better incident management, incidents may be prioritised, escalated, and contained more quickly, minimising the impact of security breaches and shortening the mean time to action.


Security Operations Centre as a service provides a low-priced alternative ensuring better quality. With a managed SOC, you can leverage the expertise of a dedicated team of security analysts and professionals from the outside to help you identify and respond to sophisticated cyberattacks.

How 10xDS can help?

10xDS Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service

10xDS Security Operation Center (SOC) as a Service offers Managed SOC Service with Rapid Threat Detection, Prevention, and Response. Our team is on the job around the clock, since much like hackers, we can’t take a break from security. Protecting your company around the clock for less than the cost of hiring a single security analyst is possible because we use Next-gen SIEM, Al, UBA, and Threat Intel in tandem with our skilled cyber security team.

Why Choose 10xDS SOC as a Service?

At 10xDS, we are familiar with all of the top-tier security solutions from all of the major vendors. Every organisation, no matter how big or small may benefit from our 24/7 SOC security monitoring since our services offer industry-leading quality at an affordable cost. Check out our value proposition:

  • A SOC 2 Type II and ISO-27K Certified SOC
  • Industry-beating Priced Premium Quality Service
  • 300+ customers across 10+ countries
  • Global SOC Locations
  • Month-to-Month Subscription Contracts
  • Fixed Monthly Fee {No Nickel-&-Dime!)
  • No Extra Charges for Onboarding
  • USA Azure or Locally Hosted Data
  • 30-Min Gold SLA
  • Fully/Co-Managed Options
  • GDPR and Local Privacy Laws Compliant

Talk to our security experts about signing up for our SOC as a Service offering, and get ready for lightning-fast threat detection, prevention, and response!

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