Reopen your Business with Confidence using Return to Work Solutions

Reopen your Business with Confidence

Reopen your Business with Confidence using Return to Work Solutions

Most businesses have started to look beyond the Covid19 pandemic, and they are slowly recovering and rebuilding. In fact, millions of people from all over the world are finally returning to their workplaces. That said, it seems like things will not be the exact same again because the traditional office-based model has started evolving.

Several workers firmly believe that a hybrid office or remote work model would be a preferable option. If that’s the case, then business owners will have to work quickly and hard if they want to support such innovative working practices, which is where the Return to Workplace solution of Microsoft can offer immense benefits to all types of businesses.

A Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft’s Return to Workplace Solution

Microsoft’s Return to Workplace solution can be described as an application that is specifically designed to help human resource professionals and business owners as they are preparing their teams for returning to an office-based environment after the pandemic.

This might seem like an application that works against public opinion initially. This is because most people prefer to see a hybrid or remote working model. So, how can a return to office-based solution support such a working model?

Microsoft’s Return to Workplace solution is supporting the new style or way of running and doing business in several ways such as the following:

  • It helps to reduce anxiety that workers may feel about returning to the office
  • It guarantees that the office-based working model will continue to be a viable option for businesses. It is important to remember that even a hybrid working model will need an office-based component
  • It helps human resource and operational teams to work efficiently to ensure that adequate resources are available for supporting their remote working components.

How does Microsoft’s Return to Workplace Application work

The Return to Workplace solution of Microsoft is actually a part of Microsoft’s Power Platform. Microsoft Power Platform is a suite of solutions that are specifically designed to help organizations as they are trying to meet their evolving needs.

The newly launched version of Microsoft’s Return to Workplace Application has been geared towards helping businesses, as they are striving hard to meet the requisite safety and compliance standards when welcoming employees back to their office. The following features are included with the Return to Workplace Application to help businesses accomplish this.

  • Tracking and management capabilities to offer valuable insight for organizations
  • Self-service check-in and check-out solutions or tools for employees
  • Room reservation tools that allow businesses to minimize the capacity of their key working areas
  • Tracing features with light contact alerts
  • Incident report capabilities to guarantee peace of mind as employees are returning to the office.

Four Pillars of Microsoft’s Return to Workplace Solution

Microsoft’s Return to Workplace solution is built upon 4 pillars and they are listed below.

1. Location Readiness

The Return to Workplace solution is equipped with tools that will enable human resources staff to guarantee that all working areas can be used again. The tools included with the solution also help HR team to manage the safety and compliance standards of the working areas. This is accomplished by using the Location Readiness Dashboard.

Location Readiness Dashboard offers a centralized and unified location, from which the HR team will be able to oversee readiness with ease. The dashboard evaluates real-time data for assessing risk levels and to make sure that employees have enough supplies to complete their job safely.

2. Workplace Care Management

The safety of employees will be of great importance to businesses as they are returning to the office after the pandemic. The workplace care management tools offered by Return to Workplace solution will help businesses to identify critical safety requirements in certain areas, export and import data to accomplish ongoing case management.

3. Employee Health and Safety Management

Employees must feel that they will be well protected as they are returning to work. They will also need self-service tools, which the Return to Workplace application will be able to provide.

The Return to Workplace solution enables employee teams to self-service check-in and check-out. In addition to that, employees will even be able to remotely check in and self-screen themselves before entering the working area.

4. Location Management

Comprehensive management of locations around the workplace can be achieved by using the Return to Workplace application. Organizations will also be able to open areas, close areas, and limit access to certain areas if and when required. This will be critical for ensuring the comfort and confidence of employees who are working onsite. This will also be crucial to ensure the regulatory compliance of the facility during the reopening stage.


Microsoft’s Return to Workplace solution is specifically designed for businesses of all types, which were forced to experience disruption during the Covid pandemic. The solution is also intended to offer a digitally-driven and data focussed style of working as we are moving towards a new normal. It doesn’t matter whether you want to welcome back your employees after the pandemic if you are looking forward to adopting a remote/hybrid working model, the Return to Workplace solution can help you do both with ease.

10xDS helps enterprises across the globe to harness the power of the Return to Workplace solution to enable a smooth and safe transition back to the workplace.

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