5 Top Technology Trends 2020 in India

Rise of Hyperautomation, Use of AI and More

5 Top Technology Trends in India 2020 - Hyperautomation

5 Top Technology Trends 2020 in India

There are several creative new solutions that are being developed for companies to improve business performance leveraging exponential technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Analytics. The year 2019 has witnessed the rising adoption of RPA across the world in a wide range of industries and functions. As far as Analytics adoption is concerned, the year 2019 was great as several industries gained significant growth. Artificial intelligence is also without doubt picking up significant traction in various areas. To put it simply, RPA, AI and Analytics will keep on sparkling in 2020, from the new policies developed by the Indian Government to the latest technology adoption by Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Start-ups.

Let’s have a look at the interesting RPA, AI and Analytics trends in India 2020

1. Beginning of the era of hyper-automation

When intelligence is infused in robotic process automation leveraging data science and analytics, it becomes a new technology called hyper automation, enabling optimization and modernisation of processes. As per Gartner’s top 10 strategic technology trends for 2020, Hyperautomation is one of the most trending technologies.  Hyper-automation uses a mix of various exponential technologies such as Machine Learning, RPA, intelligent business management software and AI, to take the automation of organizational processes to the next level.  With hyper-automation a mix of devices are used to support this process to exactly function as human workforce does in an activity, after which the solution can even carry out the decision-making process independently. Hyper-automation will result in higher rates of productivity and broader access to data, additionally helping decision makers to make better decisions for their customers leveraging analytics.

2. Enhanced use of artificial intelligence

AI is now getting deeper into homes, people lifestyle and human interactions with more reliable AI engines. Voice-based technology is already making us comfortable in our homes. Now, with high-speed optical fiber internet coming to homes in India, it will be interesting to see how the data will be used to develop devices that are more human friendly and convenience enhancing. As far as the process transformations are concerned, most of the impact in the rise of AI will be in streamlining the non-value-added tasks which will free-up time for humans to invest in more meaningful and creative activities. We will be witnessing more and more companies realizing this now and investing in the future to reskill workforce and take advantage of modern technology. The use of data analysis on vast amounts of data will reach new levels, bringing us landmark achievements. Some of the best uses include algorithms being developed to help analytic systems fingerprint data, find errors and give insights, and suggest new data that should be analyzed with it. We can expect leaner data and analytics enabling us to use the right data at the right time

3. Natural language processing & conversational AI

NLP has gained more steam than ever due to the advancements and its applications in voice search and voice assistants, becoming the next paradigm shift in AI, in many organisations in India. Voice search and voice assistants have created a paradigm shift in AI, the audio data can be used to glean insights leveraging NLP skills to gain a competitive edge over others. NLP is also used in enhancing visualized dashboards and reports within their Business Intelligence systems. Several Q & A or chat mediums can be used to gain real-time answers and useful visualizations from data-specific queries. Considering its ability to improve efficiency and insights, and the ongoing research in the area of computational linguistics, NLP will be instrumental in optimizing data exploration and the way we communicate in the near future. 

4. Autonomous things

Autonomous things is one of the most revolutionary innovations marking technological progress in recent years. We have seen the early examples of this in self-driving vehicles and autonomous drones. In the year 2020, we can expect to see this technology reach new heights transforming from stand-alone intelligent things to a group of collaborative intelligent things. There will be multiple devices working together, with limited or no human dependency or input. Autonomous things has the potential to surpass process automation to integrate advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver communications and behaviors with more natural interactions with humans and the environment.

5. Innovations in data storage technologies

With the problem of rising amounts of data, the concept of Software Defined Storage (SDS) systems promises a good solution, combining the software and hardware from different manufacturers to operate together resulting in an enormous improvement in performance, making it more secure and agile. Another popular trend is the use of hyper scale data centre construction dominating the data centre industry in 2019 allowing companies to adopt data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions catering to demands of modern business and environment. Again 2020 will see a rise in the enterprises designing and leveraging smart data centres for operators to integrate proactive sustainability and efficiency measures.


Hyperautomation makes business processes more efficient, optimizing business opportunities and providing real-time, continuous intelligence. We will definitely see a surge in demand and interest in these emerging technologies going by the numerous new patterns rising in this space. It’s exciting to perceive what’s next in the domain of these technologies. Along these lines, we should explore. One of the challenging tasks for embracing digital transformation for Indian companies can be the various possible challenges to implementation. It is always better to look for digital transformation consultants or consulting companies that can help harness a wide spectrum of exponential technologies to help companies improve their products and services, enhance customer experience, expand to new markets, and increase revenues.

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