PARs BOT – Your Security Guard against Privilege Creeps

PARS Bot video security guard against privilege creep

PARs BOT – Your Security Guard against Privilege Creeps

Frequent review of Admin Privileges and User Privileges is absolutely essential for ensuring and maintaining the security of a company. However, this process can be extremely repetitive, extensive, laborious and time-consuming. Well, at least that was until our PARs Bot came into action!

PARs Bot is an innovative autonomous automation solution developed by 10xDS to automate the access control review process using RPA. It saves a massive amount of manual effort required from the security personnel to carry out the process. The solution is expertly developed to effectively ensure the periodic review of the user privileges of all employees happens without delay and also enabling greater accuracy. Deploying PARs Bot in your organization can help you drastically reduce the possibility of potentially dangerous security breaches.

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