What is Total Experience and how it matters?

What is Total Experience and how it matters

What is Total Experience and how it matters?

Organizations are concerned about giving customers a superior experience and few are concerned about employee experience too. Total Experience is the combined or multi-experience of customer experience, employee experience and user experience to transform business outcomes. i.e., TX = CX+EX+UX. The goal is to improve the overall experience, breaking down siloes while integrating technology with employees, customers, and users. It differentiates a business from competitors in a way that is difficult to replicate, creating a sustainable competitive advantage. This is the experience that’s going to differentiate good brands from excellent brands in 2022 and beyond.

Total Experience in today’s Digital Revolution era

The increasing adoption of digital transformation (DX) has made it easy for organizations to focus on Total Experience as DX helps to provide the required data across the organization that can be used to create a TX.

Let us say, your business has a physical store, a website, an app, social media presence, an intranet, a database etc. If you could ensure that all these worked together delivering the same messaging while directly interacting with each other, you could deliver a total experience.

Businesses that fully harness the possibilities offered by total experience gain sustainable competitive advantage, particularly in the age of remote work, mobile, virtual, and distributed customers that are the result of the current global situations like war and pandemics. With the right TX strategy, organizations are better positioned to recover from the pandemic as they can achieve differentiation by capitalizing on new experiential disruptors. According to the study of Indian chamber of commerce, Today, the Indian retail industry accounts for over 10 percent of the country’s GDP and around 8 percent of the country’s employment. Indian retail is witnessing entry of fresh players at a speed never seen before and is expected to double in coming years. The digital wave is further expected to accelerate this growth, opening possibilities for disruptive customer-oriented business and operating models. What is garnering the interest of all the industry experts is how the entire growth dynamics in Indian retail and the implementation of GST are changing the way the industry is planning to ride the wave of the Digital revolution. This Digital revolution can only garner the result if due importance is given to Total Experience.

Total Experience leads to a Unified Communication Channel

Integration of key components of TX enables organizations to develop a Unified Communication channel. The organization can control communications from a centralized platform, streamlining processes both in real-time (instant messaging, conference calls, call screening etc.) and non-real-time communications (e.g., email). By utilizing a single system, communication capacities can be increased and made more efficient. It increases overall productivity, gains business agility on a competitive edge, provides greater flexibility for the remote working environments and gives a more positive work culture.

In summary, total experience transforms the way an organization interacts with its external as well as internal stakeholders, thereby reinventing experience. It reduces the drag, cost, and redundancy in serving these groups and unleashes improvements across functions and operations.

Total Experience – Gartner’s top technology trend for 2022.

Recently, Gartner had published the top tech trends that will play a key role in the year 2022 and have excellent implementation opportunities for the next five or even more years among which one of the trends identified by Gartner is ‘Total Experience (TX)’

This experience-driven agenda for technology investments is key, according to Gartner. By considering every touchpoint of a customer-employee relationship, businesses develop digital initiatives that increase confidence in customers and employees and drive satisfaction and loyalty.

According to the 2021 Gartner CEO and Senior Business Executive Survey, the top request of CEOs to CIOs is “digitalization. The top two reasons for pursuing digital initiatives are to enhance customer experience (58%) and improve employee productivity (57). Customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) have long been topics pursued in silos – often led by completely different teams, goals, and information sets. TX makes the case for identifying the needs of both the customer and the employee to build more lasting and impactful business outcomes.


A holistic view of Customers, Employees and Users is very much needed for a transformation that is focused on Total Experience. It results in enhanced customer experience, improved end products/services, healthy work atmosphere, increased brand loyalty and reduced business silos. 10xDS have played a crucial role in the digital transformation of many top brands in the globe thereby creating a dais for their total experience journey and increase in brand loyalty.

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