Why Use SharePoint to Help Remote Teams Work Better

Why use Sharepoint to help remote teams work better

Why Use SharePoint to Help Remote Teams Work Better

The Covid19 pandemic has changed the way companies run their business and work. The lockdown and social distance practices that we had to adapt to prevent the spread of the Covid virus forced several employees to work remotely or work from their homes. Research conducted by Nicholas Bloom revealed that nearly approximately 42 percent of Americans work remotely.

The research also stated that the percent of Americans who are working from their homes or remotely will increase tremendously. Several employees are happy with working remotely and most of them want to continue working in the same way even when the pandemic is over.

Challenges of Remote Working

Several businesses or enterprises do not have any issues with working remotely. However, employees and business owners often run into a wide range of issues when they are working from home. Lack of human interactions, broken schedules, mixed-up timetables, and confusing communication are common downfalls of remote working.

This is what urged several companies to look for innovative technology solutions for adjusting their standard workflows. In addition to that, these technological solutions are capable of offering effective tools to employees that will come in handy when they are working remotely.

The increase in Mobile Workforce

IDC has forecasted that the number of mobile workers in the United States will rise to 93.5 million by the year 2024. The number of mobile workers in the country was estimated to be around 78.5 million a year ago. This means that there will be approximately 60 percent of mobile workers in the United States by 2024.

Several organizations have adopted mobile solutions to tackle the changes of remote working. However, mobile technologies might not be able to solve all issues related to remote working. This is why businesses have turned towards popular enterprise web systems like SharePoint, which was not initially considered as a mobile-first technology, but it does come with a mobile application.

How SharePoint Intranet can help businesses with Remote Working

The enterprise-level collaboration platform, SharePoint has grown widely popular and successful in recent years. In fact, SharePoint has managed to reach over 100 million users from all over the world in the last two decades.

SharePoint Intranet is capable of offering businesses a customizable, secure, and easy manageable platform for both their in-house and remote teams. Here are a few reasons that will explain how SharePoint intranet will help remote workers.

1. Clear Communication

Corporate intranet often becomes a virtual hub, which employees will use to effectively communicate with one another. SharePoint is packed with several features, and it also offers businesses the option to customize, enabling them to mould the platform as per their needs.

Businesses that are using SharePoint will be able to enjoy the luxury of selecting widgets, play add-ins, and plug-ins for their corporate intranet page from a wide range of fine options. This will make it easier for your remote team to quickly store, search, and secure critical business data.

Such a portal will allow businesses to disseminate information throughout their organization without any issues. This will in turn enable them to easily and quickly organize projects, people, and information.

2. Excellent Collaboration Tool

Most businesses will want their employees to work together as a team or group when they are working on important projects. This is another major area where SharePoint can help your remote working force.

SharePoint enables collaborators to simultaneously change documents without any interference. If you want to get feedback on your ideas or work in real-time, then Co-authoring will help you do that.

Apart from that, SharePoint will also serve as a project management tool for helping remote employees collaborate a lot more efficiently and effectively. Remote team members will be able to check deadlines, review pending tasks, and communicate with the concerned team members.

3. Central Document Repository

SharePoint is an excellent tool for businesses that want to securely store important business data. SharePoint comes with an advanced search feature, which will enable users to easily find the uploaded data. You can share files and documents with your remote employees whenever you want if you are using SharePoint.

The documents will usually be in Excel, Word, Image, Videos, or PDF formats. Businesses that are using SharePoint will be able to set user permissions for editing, downloading, or accessing the documents. This will in turn set up a highly secure system for securely storing confidential and important business data and company files.


Working from home or remote working has become quite normal for most employees and organizations. That said, remote working is still new for several companies, which is why they will need to use SharePoint and other tools to ensure efficiency and higher productivity even when working remotely. Intuitive and robust tools like SharePoint can help your remote team to ease into the work from home or remote working scenario.

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