Intelligent Digital Assistants at your service

Intelligent Digital Assistants at your service

The global Chatbot market is expected to grow exponentially between 2016–2023, according to Credence Research. Many believe that artificial intelligence’s most important benefit is automated communications that provide data that can be used to make decisions. And on top of that there are many compelling reasons to adopt Intelligent Digital assistants (IDAs) or chatbots from organizations point of view.

  • Thinking of scaling up operations
  • Dealing with a range of nearly identical products or services
  • Answering a lot of queries from customers
  • Actively marketing content through online channels
  • Selling to the millennials
  • Driving up organizational efficiency
  • Looking for an interactive marketing platform

From a consumer’s point of view, they contact businesses to learn about a product or service, get support or to make a purchase.

Organizations should consider deploying omnichannel digital assistants so that they are more connected with customers through the channels they prefer. Let us look at some of the features of IDAs from the below illustration.

Key Features of Intelligent Digital Assistants or Chatbots

IDAs improve functions and activities across various industries. Customer Support , Sales and Marketing, Backend functions and informational services are just a few to discuss.

1. Customer Support

Consider Insurance sector, they spend a lot of time on-boarding new insureds. They are also required to ensure 24/7 assistance to enable an immediate response to insureds during an unforeseen event, as they may want to immediately avail a cashless medical insurance approval.

In this case, Intelligent Digital Assistants (IDAs) can act as the first layer of interaction with the insureds. IDAs can help with on-boarding of insureds, recommendation of policies and cover, Claims receipt, approvals, and Information Services. These IDAs are integrated seamlessly with ERPs to enable onboarding or claims processing. The benefits are manifold.

  • Improved experience for Policyholders with a self-service
  • Hassle-free customer onboarding
  • Quick and efficient management of policy claims
  • Instant update of personal events and accounts information
  • Ready information on current policy coverage and care advice

2. Sales and Marketing

Intelligent chatbots can engage with prospects, generate business and manage existing or a new customer. This can be from a customer self-service perspective and on e-commerce sales. For example, a prospect comparing few products from various brands engaging with IDAs to understand various pricing options. Contact details of the prospect gathered by the chatbot could further be used by sales team for connecting personally and converting the lead to a deal.

Hotels use 24/7 dedicated A.I Assistants with multiple skills and expertise to manage bookings, for promotions and upsells. This helps the hotels to increase direct bookings so that revenue need not be shared with travel booking service providers.  These chatbots also provide on-demand information before the guests begin their stay and even on premises which result in improved guest experience.  Similarly, healthcare institutions use them for Preliminary diagnosis and booking appointments with physicians for consultation. They also manage cancellations so that physicians can be allotted to other patients to avoid revenue leakage.

3. Backend functions

Chatbots can help internal users, agents, employees, among others with automation in functions, data extraction via conversational/queries, raising feedback or even updating information. Let us look at a real-world case how a 10xDS developed chatbot based IT assistant solution helped users with resetting password during account lockout issues. A web chat with the IT support BOT was implemented for providing simultaneous support. This bot was enabled to verify the identity of the requestor, understand, resolve the issue, and update the request without any manual touchpoints.  With the implementation, queries reaching helpdesk and IT support teams were reduced and the efficiency of the process is improved.

4. Informational Services

Organizations may fall victims to cyber-attacks and many times attacks are targeted through employees of the organizations despite awareness campaigns.  There is a need for a 24/7 mechanism to resolve employee queries related to an organization’s information security policies, to know the do’s and don’ts during security incidents. Hence organizations are considering Intelligent Digital Assistants (IDAs) as a one-stop-shop for employees, regarding any cyber security related matters.

IDAs can help with accessing IT policies from a single place and also for reporting of Cyber related incidents. They are also integrated with Document Management Systems and Service Delivery Tools. This enables a wider reach of IT and Data Policies to employees, IDAs act as a self-service digital agent interacting 24/7 with the employees and registering any IT or security incidents or requests. It also helps in keeping the in-house Cyber Security team apprised of the latest threat updates gathered from employee conversations.


As intelligent chatbots are offering improved Customer Experience, increased Sales & Retention, improved Volume Handling at lower operational costs, more and more companies are adopting it.

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