HR Analytics to Curb Hiring Cost

HR Analytics to curb hiring cost

HR Analytics to Curb Hiring Cost

10xDS developed HR Analytics Solution to derive actionable insights and help HR personnel make right and timely decisions. The solution helps understand HR functioning within recruitment for a leading retail company in the Middle East. The recruitment and attrition correlation analysis is tedious and time-consuming since the data resides in multiple employees and HR databases. Organizations tend to spend too much on certain hiring sources but hiring may not be effective. Another issue is employees leaving the organization in a short span of time, adding to the increasing recruitment cost. The attrition was not being properly analyzed based on root-cause, department, location, and others, to take corrective and preventive actions. 10xDS solution helped in data cleansing and enrichment to provide analysis in a detailed view for informed decisions. The analytics platform enabled users to slice and dice the data across various dimensions. The highly interactive, actionable dashboard allows HR to better understand the trends and patterns of the business, making it easier to identify variations. The solution offers actionable insights on the cost of hiring sources against the number of employees hired via the channel, recruiting cost against the average of span of employees in the organization, attrition rate against on-boarding experience and more.

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