Loan Portfolio Analytics

Are you worried about the rising bad loans? Do you wish to have more visibility into key customer insights and loan portfolio? Are you looking for better defaulter forecasts and insights into risk exposures? Do you want to optimize your sales portfolio?

10xDS NBFC Loan Portfolio Analytics

– the need of the hour

Implement our process-driven Loan Portfolio analytics (SaaS) solution designed and developed for Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC), leveraging the flexibility provided by data analytics and advanced analytics models. Gain Insights into loan application portfolio, exposure and funding aspects, customer insights, risks, loan performance and more.

Key Features

Gain Insights

Gain Customer Insights

  • Customer segment details
  • Facility details
  • Insights into customer risk levels
  • Details of customer repayment trends
  • Insights into customer risk levels, defaulter patterns
Optimize Sales portfolio

Optimize Sales portfolio

  • Application trends
  • Application to approval ageing views
  • Approval to activation aging views
  • Insights into processing TAT of loan applications
Minimize Risk


  • Insights into current exposure
  • Legal movements
  • written off movements
  • Profit analysis
  • Defaulter predictions
Performance Improvement

Performance Improvement

  • Lending performance
  • Collection reports & analysis
  • Target vs. actual collections
  • Analyse salesmen performance
  • Supervisor performance
  • Finance portfolio performance

Key Benefits

Operational Benefits

Operational Benefits

  • Automated reporting
  • Daily data refresh
Decision Making

Decision Making

  • Slice and dice data
  • Historical comparisons
  • Predictions & forecast
Software as a Service

Software as a Service

  • No upfront costs
  • No infra requirements
  • No IT support requirements

Our Success Story

10xDS helped a leading NBFC in the Middle East to curb the issue of increasing loan defaulters and to reduce the surge in defaulted loans with powerful Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards.

Our Solution provided insights into loan application portfolio, decisions for corrective actions and predict loan defaulters using historic data.

10xDS Loan Portfolio Analytics Solution can gain insights into loan application portfolio, exposure and funding aspects, customer, loan performance, and more.

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