RPA assisted CFO dashboards for an Investment Management Company

RPA assisted CFA Dashboards

RPA assisted CFO dashboards for an Investment Management Company

10xDS developed a CFO dashboard with management reporting solution to derive actionable insights from trial balances. It also has option for making adjustments like elimination and reclassification of entries in the trial balances. The solution is assisted by an RPA robot at the back end, which downloads the trial balances from multiple systems like Accounting application and email. The RPA robot then transforms the data and injects it to a SQL database for the analytics tool to fetch and process. The solution generates financial statements like Balance sheet, Profit and Loss and Cash Flow statements from the trial balances post adjustment. CFO level insights are generated for each financial statement and is depicted through very interactive visualisations. Time filters and multiple company selection (for subsidiaries) provides a snapshot of company health over a period which helps the management to make informed decisions and set long term and short-term strategies.

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