Invoice Data Extraction and Validation

Invoice data extraction and validation

Invoice Data Extraction and Validation

10xDS delivered an Intelligent automation solution capable of extracting data from invoices and validating them before entering in ERP for further processing for an aviation company based in the Middle East. Traditional manual invoice management processes were time-consuming and error-prone, leading to delays, disputes, and increased costs. The solution helped the company overcome challenges like a large volume of invoices, and difficulty in data extraction due to varying templates and formats. The application built by 10xDS provided an interface to upload documents individually or in bulk and then identifies the template and extract data from the invoice. Automatic validation of data was enabled for extraction with high confidence. The application also notifies user with invoices requiring manual review and allowed side-by-side validation and correction if any. Application also has features to export data to excel or automatic entry into the ERP for further processing. Extraction of data with high confidence for 90% of invoices eliminating manual effort. With the help of the app, end-to-end process time is reduced to more than half of manual processing time and gives process visibility for decision-making. The app is also self-sustaining to add more templates in the future.

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