Automation of Visa Transfer Tracking in Qatar

Automation of Visa transfer tracking in Qatar

Automation of Visa Transfer Tracking in Qatar

10xDS has developed a Solution approach for visa transfer tracking for Qatar companies. The entire process hinged on the PRO’s timely response to the SMS from the Ministry of Labor (MDLSA). If the PRO missed the message, it led to missed deadlines and default no-objection decisions. Communication within the organization, involving HR teams, line managers, and decision managers, was dependent on non-streamlined channels like WhatsApp and phone calls. The solution introduced an Android mobile app designed to streamline and automate the entire employment visa transfer workflow. The app resides on the PRO’s phone and automatically reads SMS notifications from MDLSA. It extracts and tracks essential details from the SMS, populating a SharePoint table with the relevant information. A Power Automate flow triggers automatic notifications to the HR department, eliminating the need for manual communication. The system automatically notifies the employee’s line manager and decision manager, seeking their approval or rejection. HR communicates the decision (approval or rejection) back to MDLSA through the automated system. The solution enhances efficiency and transparency.

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