Make Effective Collaborations in Workplace and Anywhere [eBook]

Enabling end-to-end digitalization using Microsoft Collaborative Apps

In this age of hybrid work, there is a growing demand for innovative collaboration apps developed by businesses. There is a need for a new generation of collaborative technologies to streamline communication and work processes in areas such as meeting and messaging integration, document sharing, and business process automation. Despite the opportunity for developers to create unique forms of collaborative apps afforded by the ability to integrate throughout the business without switching between separate software platforms, there aren’t enough programmers to make this happen. IT departments can provide better service to their business clients with the help of low-code app development platforms.

Rapid application development is possible with the aid of the Microsoft Power Platform, and cross-team communication and collaboration is simplified with Microsoft Teams. When put together, Microsoft Teams and Power Platform make a powerful force, letting users work together on significant projects, automate routine activities, and have discussions with sophisticated bots.

This e-book aims to educate its audience on the merits of low-code platforms from the perspectives of end users, app designers, and programmers.

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