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Digital Transformation Services in Saudi Arabia

We Help Businesses Drive Digital Transformation

Digital transformation opens up massive opportunities for businesses to drive better outcomes in terms of employee engagement, operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and ROI. We at 10xDS provide comprehensive digital transformation services to ensure that and much more for businesses in Saudi Arabia. Our team of experts will guide you on how to develop a robust digital transformation strategy so that you can benefit from all the emerging digital technologies to take your business to new heights.

10xDS digital transformation solutions are designed to give you deep industry insights and stay ahead of your competition. We help you to integrate advanced technologies and digital solutions into your existing business models and operations so that it does not disrupt the current processes but improve their output. Our goal is to make certain that you can effectively engage users at all the endpoints to facilitate a superior customer experience lifecycle.

Objectives of Digital Transformations

At 10xDS, we collaborate with you to define your digital transformation goals and vision for the future. Our experts will help you to plan the digital transformation roadmap with insights on user behavior and data analytics so that you can optimize your business growth and deliver exceptional experiences to all the stakeholders.

By collaborating with 10xDS, you can make the most of the latest technologies to ensure high-end employee and customer engagement as well as end-to-end experiences. At the same time, our digital transformation services will also help to foster team productivity and agility while reducing costs. Meanwhile, you also get the right platform with 10xDS to continuously innovate and manage the transition to the new environment effectively.

Readying Your Business for Saudi Vision 2030

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is investing heavily to support tech innovation and entrepreneurship to restructure its economic growth based on the digital sector. Saudi Vision 2030 targets to transform the country into a globally competitive ICT hub with advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence and automation as well as an empowered information society. We at 10xDS are here to help you with the right digital transformation strategy to prepare your business for Saudi Vision 2030.

The digitization initiatives by 10xDS will ensure that you can enhance your existing business models with the right technological solutions or explore new opportunities for business growth with modern products or services. We work to align emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Robotic Process Automation, Advanced Analytics, and Blockchain with your services and infrastructure to facilitate your vision toward digital transformation and building an innovative ecosystem to create value for your business.

Our Solutions

Saudi Arabia is a nodal country for the GCC region and 10xDS will offer our portfolio of services to help companies in Saudi Arabia turn their digital transformation goals into reality. We work with you to understand the opportunities, identify the risks, and employ the right emerging technologies to improve business performance.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is significantly improving work cultures across the globe. Our RPA solutions can help you to automate every day, rule-based tasks and labour-intensive processes in your organization so that you can free the workforce for other prospective job roles. This is not only a cost-effective solution to revolutionize your business but also helps to overcome bottlenecks in the system that may affect your workflows.


Advanced Analytics

Leveraging the power of data and analytics is one of the main KPIs of successful businesses. 10xDS helps you to utilize advanced analytics solutions and transform the user data into actionable insights for faster and more accurate decision-making. Tapping into our deep sector experience, you can make strategic decisions for optimizing your workflows and derive superior growth for your business.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The development of advanced AI solutions like Machine Learning, Robotics, Chatbots, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, and Natural Language Processing has created significant opportunities for organizations to gain better strategic insights into customer behavior, market trends, and potential areas of business growth. Our goal is to help businesses utilize these tools effectively to streamline their operations and accelerate growth.



10xDS realizes the need for robust cybersecurity services in today’s complex and sophisticated digital world. That is why we offer 24-hour monitoring of your IT security systems to keep them protected from cybercriminals. Our Cyber Risk management services help to identify risks and take proactive measures to protect your critical data assets. We provide a strategic balance between defense and response to address cybersecurity threats with cost-effective solutions.


Why Choose Us

Digital transformation is much more than finding ways to digitalize your operations – it should be targeted at building strong relationships with your employees, customers, and stakeholders while optimizing day-to-day business processes. We at 10xDS draw on our expertise in data and analytics, AI technologies, automation solutions, cybersecurity measures, and more to provide you digital transformation solutions tailored to your business requirements.

Talk to our experts to leverage emerging technologies and make a strategic decision toward your digital transformation goals.

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About 10xDS and Hawaz Partnership

Hawaz has partnered with Exponential Digital Solutions (10xDS) in offering digital transformation services and solutions to organizations in Saudi Arabia. Both 10xDS and Hawaz would cater to a diverse spectrum of industries bringing their deep expertise, harnessing the emerging technologies like AI, Advanced Analytics, Intelligent Automation, Cyber Security, among others. With this partnership, together they would streamline processes and enable comprehensive digital transformation of enterprise business processes to help Saudi organizations stay ahead of the digital curve.

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