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About Us

Our Story

The pace at which Technology has been changing and it’s impact to the world around us has been the instrumental factor for us to think about building an organization that focuses on the digital transformation agenda for our clients. Of course, we are not the only one’s around who are doing it but then there is enough for everyone to grab a pie and make a difference.

It was these thoughts, that brought in a group of 7 who had well established careers to come together during the fall of 2016 and start an exciting journey to build something bigger..something better!

Today, we have travelled our initial paths -and together, with our customers, partners and employees we are treading an exponential path of growth. We have persisted through challenges, have advised and delivered many successful and transformative engagements, designed and created new business models, business advisory partnerships and center of excellences! More importantly, in the course of all these, build unassailable trust and confidence from our customers, partners and employees.

Our Ethos

We were all unanimous in our new organization’s DNA – being a balance of Passion, Obsession to Customer Service, Quality and Employee satisfaction, freedom to Innovate, Sanguinity and the “always positive” outlook in whatever we do and Empathy towards our most important stakeholders – our employees, our customers and our partners.

Passion: Passion embodies us. Every 10XD’ian is driven and passionate to create, build and deliver value to our partners and customers. The reason for creating 10XDS was also because of our undying passion and we have ensured it is addictive. We nurture our passion ‘passionately’!

Our Obsession to Customer Delight, Quality and Employee Satisfaction: This is cultivated at the roots – each blood and flesh in 10XDS is built on a pursuit to customer delight and quality excellence. This collective mindset is translated in all our engagements, our deliverables and in every communication. Our ‘employee first’ approach also is rooted within our culture – which paves way for a happy family!

Innovation: Innovation is in our genes – we breathe, drink and quite literally live innovation. This is something we took from our long experience building and growing the innovation hub of our alumnus. We invest in innovation hours in scanning, testing and prototyping.

Sanguine: Always with a positive outlook, we always beat odds, take up challenges and keep up a buoyant mood looking at the bright side. In today’s challenging external environment, we have consciously kept a sanguine view.

Empathy: Identifying with both customers and our employees, being sensitive and understanding views and feelings of one-another is something close to what we do. This is engrained in one’s self. As much as cliched it may sound, we always encourage ‘putting ourselves in other’s shoes’ both in our workplace and marketplace.

These are the core beliefs which has made us come to work every day, delighting our customers and making us who we are today. POISE is not just our Ethos. It provides us balance, It defines us. POISE is 10XDS!

Our Brand

Our brand is synonymous with our belief that the future is already here and is better than what we think! It is the exponential power to create abundance – this is reflected well in our branding of believing in 10x – exponential people, exponential technologies and exponential opportunities  . We adopted the purple color as our preferred hue as it brings in a balance of our passionate energy and assured stability. The exponential curve signifies a future which is boundaryless and limitless with infinite energy, uninhibited enthusiasm and relentless pursuit of excellence!