Powerful Project Management dashboards for an EPC Company

Powerful project management BI dashboards for EPC Company

Powerful Project Management dashboards for an EPC Company

10xDS helped a leading Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) company in the Middle East to streamline their Project Management portfolio with powerful Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards.


The company faced challenges in tracking project activities on a daily basis, as they were largely manual and unproductive. There were multiple data gathering formats used by various departments and locations, which resulted in considerable efforts being spent on reconciliations. There were no real-time dashboards for monitoring the project status to gain greater control on projects.


10xDS developed a simple interface to capture the daily production job data via mobile devices. The solution enabled data sync with various systems and ERP, using automation tools, for further storage and processing. 10xDS also automated real-time capture of data about machineries and labour deploying sensors, wearables and IOT. The team developed powerful project management dashboards featuring real-time analysis of various project dimensions.

The solution enabled real-time project analysis and with ability to slice and dice the data Timely, accurate, and unbiased data resulted in better project health monitoring and control. The solution also enabled effective utilization of resources and workers.

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