Deal Disbursement Process for Real Estate Clients

Deal Disbursement process for Real Estate clients

Deal Disbursement Process for Real Estate Clients

10xDS developed and deployed an RPA solution for automating deal disbursement at a leading Islamic Retail Bank in Bahrain. The solution facilitates the Finance team in generating disbursement reports, processing unpaid deals with rules and validations, and posting approved deals in the Core Banking System.


Manual data collection from multiple systems increases cycle time and introduces errors. The strict requirement to complete disbursements by the 4th of every month, regardless of volume, adds pressure. Additionally, applying validation rules to reconcile data manually can be time-consuming and prone to errors.


The implemented system operates systematically on a schedule, incorporating a user-friendly Human-BOT interaction for streamlined business approvals. An added end-of-the-day summary report improves the audit trail, providing comprehensive insights. This solution significantly reduces processing time, enhances operational efficiency, and lowers costs, while also minimizing errors for higher quality and accuracy in the disbursement process.

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