Automation for Access Control Metric Review Process

Automation for Access Control Metric Review Process

Automation for Access Control Metric Review Process

10xDS successfully delivered an Access Control Management solution that automated the Access Control Metric Review Process for a leading Media Industry brand in the Middle East, enabling them to precisely track and manage the access of users to various applications.


The manual access control process resulted in inefficiencies, errors, and permission delays, while delays in HOD approvals made it challenging to submit access control reviews. Additionally, the lack of a centralized, automated system hindered access tracking, posing security risks and compliance issues.


10xDS developed an automation tool that offers users a personalized experience tailored to their roles and responsibilities. It facilitates role-based access control, ensuring users can only perform actions relevant to their designated roles. The tool also allows users to review all users, roles, and statuses, promoting transparent decision-making and monitoring of overall progress. This solution delivers several business values, including a streamlined process with automated workflows, user-friendly interfaces that reduce manual efforts, automated notifications to keep all relevant parties informed about task progress, and clear user assignments and status tracking that promote accountability among team members.

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