Digital Marketplace

For any enterprise, large, medium or small, the marketplace is the most critical element of their strategy and the reason for them being in business. In today’s world, the marketplace is turning digital and the models of engagement with the most important entity, the customer, is changing and evolving drastically. The customer is at the core of the Digital Marketplace and all the solutions revolving around it.

The digital marketplace is about developing superior end-to-end experiences along all journeys that drives customer adoption and stickiness. This would mean weaving a meaningful story, convincing value propositions, and a powerful presence to build a strong digital brand. The digital marketplace would entail re-strategizing and tweaking business models and developing competencies and culture to drive an agile closed-loop digital and innovation process. The marketplace involves establishment of a network of developers, channel partners, service providers that provides integrative value. We have three main services and related offerings in the marketplace – Digital Strategy and Consulting, Digital Customer and Digital Operations.


Today, enterprises work in an unprecedentedly fluid setting. Enterprises are looking at getting on the digital treadmill to meet the demands of an expansive and aggressive marketplace along with an experiential economy. What differentiates success of this strategy, apart from the seamless but strong-willed execution, is the end-user experience – uniqueness, simplicity and convenience.

10XDS helps our clients develop distinctive and future-ready solutions to tackle their complex business challenges and create tangible value through a visible and measurable digital road-map. Our holistic strategy lays emphasis on increasing customer satisfaction through focus on customer experience and interaction; creating a ‘single’ digital strategy and offer by bringing different enterprise initiatives together and integrating them; leveraging technology and digital innovation opportunities to enhance current and future processes, products and services; having a direct and indirect impact on strategic KPIs and generating more stakeholder value and revenue in the process.

We follow an inclusive strategy to Digital, reflecting the top to bottom challenges that our customers face. We help our customers re-think their business strategy and operating model for a digital age.

We begin our digital conversation by speaking to our clients about the impact of digital across key elements in their enterprise. Digital Creates enterprise wide challenges across board beginning with customer experience, supply chain and operations, technology to adopt in the new world, how do you embrace innovative culture, the risks that presents across digital channels, the finance, legal and compliance aspects of the new world and finally the human resource challenges.

The world is moving into the second wave of digitization. The first wave was about creating point solutions (pilots, apps, websites, digitizing processes). The second wave, which is the current wave, is about integration and connectivity. We will stitch together ‘one single strategy’ to include all digital initiatives, one governance model and one operating model.

Our offerings include:

  • Conceptualize, assess and design the Enterprise Digital Strategy Agenda
  • Digital business model creation and fine-tuning – Business Model Canvases (BMC), Value Proposition Design (VPD)
  • Mission, vision, strategy roadmap
  • Design/redesign an operating model fit for purpose in a digital world
  • Activation of the digital agenda – technology, tools, partners
  • Implementation of the digital operating model (process, governance, systems)
  • Digital enterprise program management and governance
Managed services
  • Building and managing the digital ecosystem – technology, tools, partners, service providers
  • Strategic change management and learning
  • Digital Portfolio management – updates, enhancements, support
  • Digital-as-a-Service – sustain competitive advantage across front-office, mid-office and back office


The customer is the most important entity in your marketplace. We firmly believe that a digital strategy should be an enabler to your customer strategy and proposition. We work with you to articulate your Customer and Consumer proposition and strategy including your customer promise, brand values, segmentation and personas.

We work with you to understand how your consumers are using digital, how digital fits within their customer journeys (bringing the virtual and physical world together), their moments of truth and your intentional customer experience. We will not limit this to “digital-only” journeys. Physical and digital world must be looked upon as one single, “omni-channel” experience.

A crucial input is outside-in, voice of the customer analytics and insight, supplemented with benchmarking, market and competitor research.

From previous experience, we have found that visualisations are a valuable way to bring the intended customer experience to life and bring different parts of the business together to “see” what the intended experience looks like.

Omni-channel experience

In the digital world, customer experiences are key to build customer loyalties and stickiness. We help conceive and administer customer journeys across all connected devices, improving possibilities of cross-selling and up-selling. We help you achieve providing engaging and personalized experiences across all channels and focus on consistent digital experiences in the customer acquisition phase of the customer journey.

Omni-channel commerce

Electronic commerce across all digital channels has become imperative in todays connected digital ecosystem. We develop and support electronic platform for sales of products and services, and ensure business and operations support. We assist in powering you to leap to a digital commerce entity by engaging digital consumers effectively through engaging, personalized, omni-channel buying experiences across all touch points.

Enterprise Mobility

We build fresh and innovative mobile solutions which addresses your specific requirements extending from envisioning and business consulting to mobile-based business solutions, intellectual property-based mobile technology solutions, mobile technology services (mobile application development and maintenance, mobile testing services), and sector-focused mobility solutions.

Microsoft Sharepoint™

We conceive, visualize and build Enterprise Sharepoint™ portals and collaboration ecosystems on Microsoft Sharepoint™. We have expertise in building SharePoint™ teamsites to encourage collaboration between teams, enterprise content management solutions employing Sharepoint™ and collaborative environments embedding Yammer.

Microsoft Dynamics

We cater to the business needs of both large enterprises and mid-sized organizations by providing end-to-end services on Microsoft Dynamics™CRM. These solutions will lower the total cost of ownership, ensure higher and quicker return on investment -thus enabling customers to enhance their competitiveness.


Digital asset supply chains differ fundamentally from traditional supply chains. Turning IP into digital products and services and delivering them to consumers through an effective digital fulfilment network, all while managing a mix of in-house and third party providers poses a challenge to many organizations. Our digital operations services enable our clients to establish a more agile digital supply network, help manage in-house and 3rd party providers and leverage new technologies to enhance operations and respond quickly to market changes. Companies are embracing digital through their value chain to innovate across new product development, sourcing and procurement, manufacturing, logistics and sales & distribution. Our Supply chain focus helps our customers deliver operational excellence to grow, optimize and protect their business. Infusing digital across the supply chain drives sales through operational agility, service and innovation. Digital also helps reduce value leakage and protect the operation through optimising risk, resilience & sustainability. And this leads to drive margin growth through efficiency and productivity savings gained from rigorous application of operational excellence.

Our forte is:

  • From strategy to end to end transformation
  • Integrated operational excellence across all dimensions
  • Predictive analytics, digital and system enablement


The 2015 MHI Annual Industry report mentioned 8 technologies that are driving next generation supply chain effectiveness. These are:

  • Inventory and network optimization tools
  • Sensors and automatic identification
  • Cloud computing and storage
  • Robotics and automation
  • Predictive analytics
  • Wearable and mobile technology
  • 3D printing
  • Driverless vehicles and drones

Advanced supply chain capabilities are a key differentiator within eCommerce. In addition, clients can digitally enable their business processes and physical supply chains through technologies such as fleet tracking, inventory monitoring, 3D printing, data analytics. This can provide more inventory flexibility, lower cost-to-serve, improved visibility into cost through analytics and differentiated services.

Our Offering provides clients greater efficiency, flexibility and differentiation in their supply chain management and operations through digital capabilities to help them become leaders in cost to-serve, customer service, omnichannel management and product / market innovation.

  • Building strategic Design to Delivery and operating model incorporating new roles, KPIs, partnerships and skill requirements
  • Physical network strategy covering Digital Commerce Enablement & Omni-Channel Optimisation
  • Synchronization of the supply chain for integrated operational excellence.
  • Advisory and implementation of new product development
  • B2B commerce implementation
  • Digital content management with intuitive workflows
Managed Services:
  • Building Supply chain resilience and sustenance, covering risks - Seamless data flows powered by IoT, predictive analytics and cyber-secure cloud increase resilience while also taking out cost, boosting collaboration and creating opportunity for strategic advantage